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CEUfast Blog - Archives: November 2014

Written by Kristal Roberts

If there’s one thing that every nurse will come across in his or her career, it’s a difficult patient. Sometimes, the sweet patients that make the long hours and tired feet worthwhile are outshined by that one ornery, demanding or hostile patient who is miserable, and finds a way to share that misery with anyone who comes within a few feet of him or her.

You and your fellow staff may find yourselves avoiding their calls, and delaying their checkups, but the fact is, even patients with the worst attitudes deserve the best treatment possible.

Written by Kristal Roberts

As nurses, you dedicate your lives to taking care of others, so you know first-hand just how easy it is to ignore your own health and make poor food choices.

When you’re working the long hours that most nurses do, people tend to grab quick, portable foods that may be convenient, but lead to health complications like Diabetes.

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