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CEUfast Blog - Archives: June 2014

Written by Julia Tortorice
Child Examination

Photo by: Official U.S. Navy Imagery (Flickr)

Caring for the little ones is particularly important in our industry.

CEUFast Course Overview: Child Abuse Course

One of the most important things we must know when working in healthcare is how to identify child abuse and neglect. You might be thinking that child abuse is easily identifiable, but it isn't, not always. In some cases, the children are not openly beaten and are abused emotionally or neglected. In other cases, you might suspect child abuse but will find the child unwilling to discuss what might be happening in his or her home. The importance of understanding and identifying child abuse cannot be understated in our profession, and CEUFast offers a (child abuse identification course New York) nurses can take to complete their (New York State mandated reporter training).

Written by Julia Tortorice
Photo by: Yasmina Haryono (Flickr)

Photo by: Yasmina Haryono (Flickr)

Kefir is an excellent way to get both your prebiotics and probiotics!

There is tremendous debate surrounding the benefits of prebiotics and probiotics in a person's overall health care routine. This debate is also fueled by the media, which commercializes health benefit claims associated with eating yogurt every day or taking probiotic pills, for example. To understand whether prebiotics and probiotics should be incorporated into your diet, you must ask an important question: "What are probiotics and prebiotics?" I'm going to answer that and discuss the prebiotic vs. probiotic debate to help you.

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