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CEUfast Blog - Archives: August 2014

Written by Julia Tortorice

Photo by: Arturo Sotillo (Flickr)

Designated public places offering new mothers privacy while they're out encourage women to breastfeed their babies.

CEUFast Course Overview: Breastfeeding

One of the most natural things to a new mother and her infant is breastfeeding, yet many of America's mothers do not breastfeed their newborns. Lack of support from family and employers, a failure to understand the importance and benefits of breastfeeding, and misconceived stigmas associated with the act are all cited as reasons why breastfeeding has fallen out of favor. The physical and emotional benefits for both child and mother significantly outweigh the reasons for failing to breastfeed, and we health-care practitioners have a responsibility to adequately educate and encourage new mothers to breastfeed their babies. CEUFast offers a breastfeeding certification course designed to help nurses guide their patients into this healthy and loving step of motherhood.

Written by Julia Tortorice
Baby sucking thumb

Photo by: Kel McDonald (Flickr)

Thumb sucking is comforting for infants.

Old Wives' Tales: Truth or False?

We all love old wives' tales. They are not only fun to learn, but some of them are actually true. I caution my patients to avoid relying upon them solely, however, because wives' tales can also be - well - tales, and grand tales at that! They are fun, though, so let's see if eleven well-known wives' tales tell the truth or are false.

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