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CEUfast Blog - Archives: September 2014

Written by Julia Tortorice
Your bodies alarm clock.

Photo by: Alan Cleaver (Flickr)
Your chronobiology is your body's natural alarm clock.

Are you a morning person or a night owl? Or are you one of the many who believe that there is no such thing as morning people and night people? If you are the latter, a non-believer, I am going to break it to you gently that you are wrong. Recent studies have proven that there is such a thing as morning people and night owls, and what makes this a biological fact is our "chronobiology." What's chronobiology, you ask? Read on.

Written by Julia Tortorice
Nurses and child

Photo by: Seattle Municipal Archives (Flickr)

Being a nurse myself, you might think I'm a little biased in writing this blog post, but there are amazing nurses who have deeply affected the world in which we live. We often think about famous presidents or events which have shaped our history, but there are also famous nurses in history. Some of the world's most famous nursing leaders have shaped health care into what it is today. Without these influential, brave, and strong women, we nurses might not have the vocation that we know and love.

It took famous nursing leaders to put nursing on the map, and many of these famous nurses in history improved nursing practices for nurses and their patients. Whether they demanded better training or equality, changed legislation, or simply taught us how to care, many of these influential women have shaped our industry into the positive and important industry it is today. Let's look at ten of the most influential nurses in history.

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