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CEUfast Blog - Archives: December 2015

Written by Kristal Roberts
gifts for nurses

Nurses are some of the hardest working people on the planet and if anyone deserves to have something nice in their stocking this holiday season, it’s them. However, the Christmas holiday is so close, you can practically hear the sleigh bells ringing.

If you aren’t a nurse, finding the perfect gift or a small token of appreciation can be a bit challenging.

Written by Kristal Roberts
Holiday Depression

We all know the holidays are generally a happy-go-lucky, celebratory time of the year where family and friends get together to celebrate, but for many people, it can be a dark and painful time.

Depression, anxiety or sadness around the holidays can occur for a number of reasons.

In some cases, it’s connected to major shifts in one’s personal life, including negative family relations, the loss of loved ones or not having anyone with whom you can celebrate.  

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