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CEUfast Blog - Archives: February 2015

Written by Kristal Roberts
Florida State Flag

Florida Nurses, as your April and July deadlines draw near, don’t forget to take care of the new Laws and Rules requirement needed to renew your license.

The Florida Board of Nursing established that LPNs, RNs, Clinical Nurse Specialists and Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners need 2 hours of continuing education on the laws and rules on the practice of nursing in Florida. 

Written by Kristal Roberts
Clean Hands


Hospitals across the nation are filled with some of the most educated, brightest minds in medicine.

So sometimes, it’s a bit baffling that something as simple as washing hands is a huge problem for many health care professionals. 

Written by Kristal Roberts
Valentines Candy

IMAGE: CrazyInSane, Flickr.com

If anyone deserves some love on Valentine’s Day, it’s nurses.

You recognize that nurses deserve something special on this holiday of love, and while personalized items like mugs with “RN Jane Doe” is a great idea, times running out, and you need something quick. 

Written by Kristal Roberts
CEUFast Nursing CE

In the coming months, you may notice something’s a little different at CEUFast.com!

This spring, CEUFast is re-launching its site, offering the same high-quality CE courses on a cleaner, easier-to-use platform that offers more style and convenience than ever before.

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