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Written by Kristal Roberts
Male Nurse

There’s no question about it, nursing is a predominately female industry. Not only do women make up the majority of staff nursing positions, they’re also Chief Nursing Officers 90 percent of the time.

Written by Kristal Roberts
AONE 2015

Nurse leaders officially took over the city of Phoenix during the annual AONE conference April 15 - 18, and in a word, it was spectacular.

If you’ve never heard of the AONE conference, it’s one of the biggest nursing leadership events in country.

Written by Kristal Roberts
Nurse Office

Spring is in full swing, flowers are in bloom and people are outside, smelling the roses…and breaking their bones.

While that means more patients and more paperwork for you, it shouldn’t have to mean neglecting other things that come with the season, like a good old fashioned spring cleaning!

Written by Kristal Roberts
Nurse Super Powers

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The year is flying by, and before you know it Nurses Week 2015 will be here.

CEUFast appreciates everything healthcare professionals do and we want to honor 7 deserving nurses.

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