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Written by Kristal Roberts

Welcome to the fourth installment of Nurse Chronicles. If you missed the first third, you can read it here:

Nurse Chronicles is about creating a space where nurses can talk about the good the bad and the ugly. You can tell us who you are or you can remain anonymous, it’s up to you.

Written by Kristal Roberts
Work at Home

You may have heard of people working from home and thought, “that’d be a great opportunity to spend time with my family,” or “I could use the extra cash”, but then dismissed that option as a nurse.

After all, you’ve got to work in a hospital, office, clinic or at the very least, a patient’s home to practice nursing, right?


As nurses, you have knowledge that is very valuable and you can provide that knowledge outside of hospital walls.

Written by Kristal Roberts
Nae Nae Dance

If anyone’s ever doubted whether patients are more than just a number to doctors and nurses, then they should hear the story of 12-year-old Sophia Petikas. This young patient got the surprise of a lifetime after she received a flashmob from the St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital in her honor.

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