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Written by Kristal Roberts
Nurse Search

Think you’ve got what it takes to be considered a nurse expert?

What about a nurse celebrity?

The 3 time emmy-winning show Dr. Oz, that’s who!

Posted Tuesday September 21, 2015
CEUfast Blog

ABC’s ‘The View’ got a lot of nurses riled up last week after comedians Joy Behar and Michelle Collins made dismissive comments about Miss Colorado, a Miss America contestant who shared a monolog about the impact of her job as a nurse while dressed in her scrubs and stethoscope for the talent portion of the beauty competition.

In response, tons of nurses sounded off, including Lake City resident Julia Tortorice. Tortorice, an RN, MBA, MSN, and Donna Thomas, RN, MSN, BHSEd, launched CEUfast.com, a continuing education platform for nurses in 2001. Tortorice writes for CEUfast’s blog, and once she heard Behar’s comments about stethoscopes being for doctors only and Miss Colorado’s scrubs being a “costume”, she felt compelled to pen an article entitled ATTN Joy Behar & ‘The View’: Don’t Mess with Nurses.

Written by Julia Tortorice
Miss Colorado

Comedian Joy Behar learned an important lesson over the last 24 hours.


The hashtag #NursesUnite took over social media after Behar made comments that made nurses across the world see red.

It all started when 22-year-old nurse Kelley Johnson, who was running as Miss Colorado in the Miss America pageant, performed a rather unusual, but amazing monologue in the talent portion of the competition.

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