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CEUfast Blog - Archives: March 2016

Written by Kristal Roberts 
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Being a nurse is satisfying work, but it can also be hard. Thankfully, nurses are resilient, resourceful and creative when it comes to creating solutions that can make life easier.

Here are a eight great nursing hacks that you should add to your arsenal if you haven’t already.


Written by Kristal Roberts 
Nurse Mary Breckinridge


March isn’t just the month that kicks off spring, it’s National Women’s History Month! In honor of a month that celebrates women’s contributions to the United States, we’ve decided to shine a light on nurses who have impacted our beloved calling for the better. 

When it comes to historically relevant nurses, many people start by paying homage to nurse icon Florence Nightingale, an English nurse who became famous for bringing sanitation improvements during the Crimean war in the 1850s and developing the Army Medical College and Nightingale School & Home for Nurses.

Written by Julia Tortorice 
impaired rn impaired lpn


Have you ever witnessed a fellow nurse put patients in danger because they were drunk or under the influence of some sort of substance?

Without taking a formal poll from our readers, we’re pretty confident a percentage of you have, considering 1 in 10 nurses have at some point been in recovery for drug and/or alcohol addiction, according to American Nurses Today.

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