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CEUfast Blog - Archives: May 2016

Written by Kristal Roberts 

When you look at your face in the mirror, you recognize your skin, your eyes, your imperfections, and your smile, because it’s you.  But could you imagine looking at your reflection one day and having no idea who you were?

Written by Kristal Roberts 

We want to thank all of the nurses who entered our Nurses Week “Caption This” contest in May. 
We had quite a few funny, creative entries, but the following quotes were the creme of the crop, so we had to turn them into these awesome memes! 

Written by Kristal Roberts 

A patient walks in and tells you she is struggling to breathe. Her chest is tight, she may have a dry cough and her skin is losing color. She’s starting to wheeze, there might be mucous secretions and she might be sweating.  


Putting the Focus Back on Patient Care

Written by Julia Tortorice 
Zika Mosquito

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the news, you’ve likely noticed that information about the Zika virus is rapidly changing, and that’s because --

1. The consequences of this mosquito borne illness are becoming more apparent with time

2. It’s more of a threat than scientists initially thought.

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