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CEUfast Blog - Archives: July 2016

ADHD Brain

Being a nurse is challenging enough, but if you’re a nurse with ADHD, it’s a real bear.

With ADHD, you have a list of tasks to knock out when your mind has a hard time staying focused on one thing.

Kati Kleber is a neuro critical care RN in Charlotte, North Carolina who has practiced nursing for the last 6 years. Kleber, a married new mother of one also is a popular nurse blogger who parlayed her passion for educating younger nurses into a second career and business, with writing and speaking engagements across the country.

Twelve-hour shifts and “barely there” lunch breaks can make a healthy, fit lifestyle a bit of a challenge for any nurse, but at least you can make healthy choices with the foods you do eat, right?

Well that’s technically true, but the problem with that is, many foods marketed as a nutritious choice aren’t as healthy as they seem.

Written by Kristal Roberts 

Maybe a car crashed, or perhaps someone was walking when they got hit by a bus. He might have accidentally swallowed a bone, or she may have come down with a mysterious illness.

Either way, the person is in your hospital, they’ve been assigned as your patient, and they need your help, so you come to the rescue.

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