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CEUfast Blog - Archives: August 2016

Written by Kristal Roberts 

A patient’s privacy should always be protected by their healthcare provider, but unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen.

Patient abuse has been an underlying issue in healthcare for quite some time, but with the pervasiveness of social media, a growing number of nurses and other healthcare employees are getting “caught on camera” voluntarily, and sharing their bad behavior on the internet.


Written by Kristal Roberts 

You’re a nurse who is finally free (off from work), yippee! You may think to yourself, “Will I go shopping? Maybe the gym? A night out with my friends, perhaps?”


Then it hits you, it’s your "weekend" (even if it isn't Saturday or Sunday) and you don’t want to go anywhere.

You’d much rather do that sit on your cozy couch and zone out with a little Netflix!

Written by Kristal Roberts 
Photo courtesy of Dyniss Rainer of

A lot has changed since the HIV epidemic hit the United States in the 1980s, but nurses have always been at the helm of treating these patients since the beginning.

Nurses have worked all over the U.S. to care for HIV/AIDs patients from the hospital units to  their homes.

Today, nurses continue to play a critical role.

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