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When working with adolescents, it is important to communicate clearly, interpret their need accurately and to provide education on topics that are sometimes overwhelming.


Adolescents pose a challenge to health care professionals. Whether it be stubbornness or unwillingness to accept that their actions have consequences, or difficulty to communicate clear and factual information, working with adolescents often creates unique obstacles.

Written by Julia Tortorice

Photo By: Richard Foster (Flickr)

Photo By: Richard Foster (Flickr)

Sexual health is an important part of a healthy adult lifestyle. Having sex is good for us; our bodies were designed for sex. People are caught up in averages, however, and fear that they are not adequately “equipped.” This causes undue stress and a subconscious reticence to engage in healthy sexual activity. This fear is completely unfounded. To prove my point, let's look at some sexual averages.

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