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AANP Recertification Requirements
The AANP advises (https://www.aanpcert.org/recert/ce_opps) that certificants are responsible for determining i
Course Acceptance
CEUFast.com courses are accepted: * by all US state nursing boards for American Nurses Credentialing Center
Certificate Accreditation Statements
Some states require that specific accreditation information be included on certificates of completion. If your
Nursing Student Certificates
If you are a nursing student and need your state's specific accreditation statement listed on your certificate
Broward College Requirements
Broward College has advised that after "admission, students are required to complete certificate courses; CAE0
Course Expiration Date
The expiration date located on the course description page indicates how long the course will be available for
CPR Course Search
The majority of our customers are required to take a CPR course that meets the American Heart standard. To mee
CME Course Availability
At this time we do not offer any Continuing Medical Education (CME) courses.
"Ohio Nurse Practice Act" Course Acceptance
CEUfast's Ohio Nurse Practice Act courses are accepted by the Ohio Nurses Association. Nurses currently licens
Ohio Nurse Practice Act Course Difference
CEUFast.com offers two "Ohio Nurse Practice Act" courses. A one contact hour course and a two contact hour cou
Kansas Certificate Acceptance without a License Number
The Kansas Board of Nursing will accept certificates without the license number. It is a requirement for provi
Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) Recertification Requirements
Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) Recertification Requirements Please Note: The following information is prov
Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) Renewal Requirements
Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) Renewal Requirements Please Note: The following information is provided fo
"Peer Reviewed" Courses
All CEUfast.com courses are peer reviewed. What this indicates is that all courses have been reviewed and edit
Category B or Category C Courses
CEUfast does not currently offer Category B or C courses. All courses on CEUfast.com are considered Category A
Certificate of Completion Date Change
As a provider of continuing education, it is required by law that the date and time tests are completed are ac

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