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CE Broker and General Reporting

Pennsylvania Certificate Reporting
If you are a new applicant applying for licensure or an existing licensee renewing your license, you will need
License Validation Error: Number Will Not Validate
Follow these steps: Log into your account. From the "My Account" page, click on the "Edit Prof
CE Broker Not Showing Completed Courses
Once a user enables a valid license on their account, CEUfast provides immediate, automated reporting to CE Br
Enabling CE Broker Automated Reporting
To enable automated reporting to CE Broker you will need to add your license number to your CEUFast account. T
Reporting Credits Without a License
In order to be able to report to CE Broker directly through CEUfast, you must have an existing Arkansas, ​Flor
Confirming Reported Credits for CE Broker
If your license has been added and successfully enabled (
Enabling Alabama Board of Nursing Automated Reporting
Once a user enters their Alabama license number on their account, any certificates of completion will be autom
Electronically Reporting Certificates to a State Board
Most states do not require that you submit your certificates for standard license renewals. Typically, you are
When are certificates reported to CE Broker?
First you must add a valid Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, or District of Columbia nursing license
Reporting Credits from Another Provider to CE Broker
Unfortunately, there is no way to report credits received from another provider through CEUfast's reporting se
Reporting ACLS, PALS or BLS Credits to CE Broker
As a provider, we can only report credits for courses that we have provided. If you have recently taken your A
What is CE Broker?
CE Broker is an official electronic tracking system developed for Boards of Nursing and the Department of Heal
Florida CE Broker Reporting for Home Health Aides
CE Broker does not provide reporting for Home Health Aides (HHAs). The State of Florida does not have a state

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