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Can't Log In to Account
First - Verify you are using the correct Username & Password. Second - Make sure Cookies are Enabled:
Test Won't Grade
In order for the test submission button to function properly, you must have cookies and javascript enabled for
View, Print, Email, or Save Certificates
Individual Certificates To print, save or email individual certificates: Log into From the
Changing Text Size
In most web browsers you can press the keys “Ctrl” (Command on a Mac) and “+” simultaneously to increase the t
Resuming a Course or Test
Once you log into CEUfast and start a course or test, our system automatically saves your progress as you move
Profile Information Update
How do I update my password, phone number, mailing or email address? 1) Log into with your userna
Duplicate Course Detected
If you are seeing a message that a duplicate course has been detected, then you may have some questions. Pleas

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