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Last Updated: Tuesday, December 17, 2019
Created On: Sunday, December 15, 2019

RN, LPN Requirements:

* Proof of earning 14 contact hours, OR 

* A national certification or recertification related to the nurse's practice role (in effect during the entire period or initially earned during the period), OR 

* Completion of a nursing research project as principal investigator, coinvestigator, or project director. Must be qualitative or quantitative in nature, utilize research methodology, and include a summary of the findings; OR 

* Publication of a nursing related article; OR 

* A professional nursing education presentation that is developed by the presenter, presented to nurses or other health professionals, and evidenced by a program brochure, course syllabi, or a letter from the offering provider identifying the licensee's participation as the presenter of the offering; OR 

* Participation as a preceptor for at least one nursing student or new employee undergoing orientation (must be for at least 120 hours, have a one-to-one relationship with student or employee, may precept more than one student during the 120 hours, and preceptorship shall be evidenced by written documentation from the educational institution or preceptor's supervisor); OR 

* Proof of earning 7 approved contact hours, PLUS a nursing employment evaluation that is satisfactory for continued employment (must be signed by supervisor with the name, address, and phone number of the employer included), and cover at least 6 months of the earning period.

Certain college courses may be used to meet the CE requirements. Nursing courses, designated by a nursing course number, and courses in physical and social sciences such as Psychology, Biology, and Sociology will count toward CE hours.

Note: One semester credit hour equals 15 contact hours; one quarter hour equals 12 contact hours.

RN, LPN Special Requirements:

* 1.5 contact hours "Pediatric Abusive Head Trauma" or "Shaken Baby Syndrome" (one time only requirement). Retain documentation until retirement.

* 3 contact hours of Domestic Violence (one time only requirement). Retain documentation until retirement. (ONLY applies to nurses seeking reinstatement, licensure by endorsement from another state, and examination candidates educated outside of Kentucky.)


Renewal Period:
September 15 - October 31 every two years.

APRN Special Requirements:

* 5 contact hours Pharmacology CE from KBN approved providers each licensure period. Retain documentation for at least 5 years.

APRN Renewal Period:
November 1 - October 31

Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE) Special Requirements:

* 5 contact hours Sexual Assault Forensic Medicine OR Domestic Violence from KBN approved providers each licensure period. Retain documentation for at least 5 years.

SANE Renewal Period:
November 1 - October 31

State Registered Nurse Aide (SRNA) Requirement:
You must provide proof of employment that you performed nursing or nursing related functions for at least eight (8) hours for pay as a nurse aide during the past twenty-four (24) months.

* Proof of employment may be a copy of a pay stub, a W-2 form, or a letter from an employer.  The name of the facility must be imprinted on the proof of employment.

* Renewal notifications are mailed two (2) months prior to the expiration date of active status to the address listed in the Kentucky Nurse Aide Registry (KNAR) database. 

Each nursing facility is required by state regulation to provide a minimum of 12 hours of in-service education annually, per date of employment, for each SRNA employee.

Kentucky Board of Nursing Phone:
Local: 502-429-3300
Toll free: 800-305-2042
Monday- Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Eastern Time

Kentucky Board of Nursing
Kentucky General CE Requirements
KBN Mandated CE for Licensure Renewal Details

Mailing Address:
Kentucky Board of Nursing
312 Whittington Parkway, Suite 300
Louisville, KY 40222-5172

KNAR Mailing Address:
312 Whittington Pky
Suite 300-A
Louisville, KY 40222-5172

KNAR Phone: 888-530-1919

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