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Getting Started with CEUfast

Free Certificates
CEUfast is a subscription-based service. Free certificates of completion of choice are not currently advertised or provided. We are currently offering one free course to provide a certificate of completion at no charge: Click here to view our free course This course is provided as a courtesy "Thank You" for trying the site out, regardless of the final decision to subscribe or not. CEUfast offers a free account in order to allow users to view all courses and take any tests in order to see how the site works before making a purchase decision.
Certificate Expiration
The CEUfast "Free" and "Subscription Expired" status accounts allow users to view all courses and take tests to try CEUfast before making a purchase decision. Certificate history completed on a "free" or "subscription expired" account is stored for a period of 6 months from the date of completion. Should you decide to use CEUfast to obtain certificates of completion for credit, you can subscribe at any time before the 6 month period has passed in order to save your certificates permanently on your account. However, once the 6 month period has passed, unpurchased certificates are purged from the database and are not recoverable. Please note, subscriptions provide unlimited access for obtaining certificates of completion for the length of time purchased. Once purchased, you own them and can return at any time in the future to access those certificates of completion at no additional charge.
Unlimited Certificates and Contact Hours
Once a subscription is purchased, you can obtain as many certificates of completion and contact hours as you like, while your subscription is active. There are no additional costs or hidden fees. Once a subscription has expired, access to certificates completed while it was active will continue to be available.
Account Registration
To register an account: Go to the home page, and click on the "Start Today" graphic. Select your registration option (Subscription or Free Account). Complete the registration form, review the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, and click the "I Accept, Process My…" button at the bottom of the page. Note: The "I Accept" button will be disabled until all the required fields have been provided. Once you have successfully registered, you can view all courses and take all tests free of charge. Should you decide to use the service, simply purchase a subscription. Subscriptions give you unlimited access to certificates for one year from the date of purchase.
Finding Courses
To see a list of all currently available courses, click on "Courses", found at the top of the page, from the homepage. At the top of the Course Library page, select your profession and state to view applicable courses. You can also view courses by topic or search for courses using the keyword search field. By default, all courses will appear in alphabetical order. You can click the "Show All Courses" link at any time to clear your previous choices and view our complete course library. For a video tutorial on how to search for courses, please click here.
Taking and Retaking Tests
Taking a Test Once you have studied the course material and are ready to take the test, click the “Take Test” button located at the top right of each course page. Alternatively, you can click the "Take Test" link found to the right of the course title on the Course Library page. Next, answer the questions on the test by selecting the small circle by the answer you wish to select. Each time you select an answer on the test, your progress is saved.  You can leave and resume your test progress at any time, from any device. Please note: You must answer all questions before you can submit a test. Once you have completed the exam, be sure to click the "Grade Exam Now" button located at the bottom of the test in order to submit your test for grading. Grading is an automated process that allows for your test results to be displayed immediately after submission.  Retaking a Test Tests can be taken as many times as you like, with no waiting period in between attempts. Each time you successfully complete a test (score 80% or above), you can obtain a new certificate with a new date of completion. However, keep in mind that your state will only accept credit for the same course once within the same renewal period. In most states, the renewal periods are every two years. Once you have started a new renewal period, you can take the same course again and receive credit for the course.  
Accessing Certificates of Completion
Once you have successfully passed a test, and have an active subscription, you can access certificates of completion by visiting your account home page and looking under the “Transcript” area. By default, you will see all the courses you have completed in the immediate last two years from the current date.  If you would like to view all certificates you have completed since you first started your CEUfast account, you can click the “Show All” button located on the "Transcript" toolbar.  You can also choose to display all the certificates for a specific year by clicking the “By Year” button and choosing a year (only the immediate last four years will be available by this method).  Additionally, from the Transcript Toolbar, you can select a date range to view any certificates completed between the specified dates picked. Each time you select a different view, you will see the total number of hours completed for your selected time period automatically calculated for you. Ideally, you would want to put the start date of the current renewal cycle, and the end date, in order to get the most accurate total for the current renewal cycle. You can print, save, or email any certificate by clicking on the title of the course in your "Transcript" area or by clicking the “View” button to the right of each course title. To print, save, or email multiple certificates (multiple selection feature available on computer/laptop only), place a check in each select box to the left of each course title and select the “Print Selected”, “Email Selected”, or “Save Selected” buttons at the top of the “Transcript” area. Alternatively, you can select all certificates you a currently viewing by clicking the “Select” option next to the “Course Title” header label.
Hard Copy Requests is an online-only provider of continuing education. Because all courses, exams, and certificates of completion (via subscription) are available to our users through their account, we do not provide hard copy materials. Course Catalog - Our course catalog can be accessed by visiting the Courses Page. Here you can search by profession, state, and topic for any courses you are interested in or that are mandated by your state board. Course Exams - All course exams can be accessed by clicking the "Take Test" button located to the right of each course title within the course catalog or from within any course at the top of the page. Certificates of Completion - Most states do not require that evidence of completion be submitted in order to renew a license, however, if your state or national board does, supplying them with a printed copy of your certificate(s) should satisfy any need they may have.
Purchase and Receipt History
To view your purchase history and access receipts, please follow these steps: Log into your account. Click the "Purchase History" button located in the Account Status box at the top of the page. You can click the invoice number itself, or, select the "Print", "Save", or "Email" option next to the invoice you would like a copy of.
CEUfast Certificate Authentication
CEUfast certificates are designed to inhibit fraudulent certificate modification. You can verify any certificate's authenticity by visiting, entering the certificate ID number, and clicking the "Validate" button.  The certificate ID can be located in the bottom right corner of certificates created after July 2012. Certificates printed prior to July 2012 refer to the certificate ID as the "Voucher ID", which is located on the bottom center of the certificate. If you have a smartphone with a QR code reader, simply scan the QR code on each certificate for automatic verification. If you do not have a QR code reader, there are a number of free apps available. Here are a few: Apple iOS - Scan Android - QRDriod Windows Phone - QR Reader Blackberry - QR Reader Should you suspect a modified or fraudulent certificate, please report it to us at
CEUfast Account Certificate Availability Time Frame
As providers of continuing education, we are required to maintain accurate records of all credits achieved on CEUfast for a minimum of 6 years. Certificates of completion that have been purchased will be available through our site for at least that amount of time.
Contact Hour Completion Status
To get a total of how many credit hours you have completed, log into your account home page. At the top of the "Transcript" area, you will see a total automatically calculated for the time period that you are currently viewing. By default, the certificates area will display the last two years of certificates from the current date. However, you can view all the certificates you have completed on CEUfast by clicking the "View All" button on the top left. You can view a specific year by selecting it from the "By Year" button, or you can specify a date range on the right, which will display all the courses you completed between two dates. Please Note: This is the most accurate way to determine if you have completed all the credits required for your current renewal period.
Login - Remember Me
For your convenience, a "Remember me for 30 days" option has been provided on the login page. This allows for you to close your browser (on most devices) and return within 30 days without having to enter your login credentials again. We do require you to re-enter your password to access sensitive areas, such a your profile and purchase history. Please Note: For your security, we DO NOT recommend that you ever select the "Remember Me" option on a public or shared computer.

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