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5 Reasons

Why You Should Write a Blog

Professional Development
Publishing your work with CEUfast can help deepen your professional portfolio, making you more competitive for promotions, leadership roles, research opportunities, and academic positions.
Networking & Collaboration
You can strengthen your network and collaborate globally through article and blog writing within the nursing community.
Professional Visibility & Recognition
Writing can enhance your professional image and open doors to career opportunities. Sharing insights and expertise through articles and blogs can establish you as a thought leader in your field.
Advocacy & Influence
Writing is a powerful tool that can help advocate for healthcare issues, patient rights, and nursing-related causes. It can also help you provide a positive impact and shape the nursing profession.
Continuous Learning
Writing educational-based blogs can encourage you to stay up-to-date with healthcare advancements, expand your knowledge, stay curious, and remain engaged in the nursing community.
Did we mention you get paid for your writing?

Here's How It Works

Write an 800-Word Blog
Please make sure that your blog is a minimum of 800 words, is original content, and follows CEUfast’s guidelines for publishing.
Upload and Submit for Review
Once you have submitted your blog, please allow up to 60 days for CEUfast’s editorial team to review it.
Receive Payment Once Blog Publishes
After your blog is determined it meets all the submission criteria, it will be published, and the nurse author will receive payment.

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* Please note: In order to secure a smooth online payment transition, CEUfast is using PayPal to compensate authors at this time. We recommend authors set up a PayPal account if they do not already have one. Authors who do not have a PayPal account will receive payment via a check, which will be mailed once their blog post has been reviewed and approved for publishing.

Details & FAQs

What are the criteria for the blog?
Your blog must contain a minimum of 800 words, pertain to the nursing/medical sector, and is entirely original to gain acceptance. Our editorial team at CEUfast will thoroughly check your submission for any evidence of plagiarism.
How much will I make per blog entry?
CEUfast’s standard rate for blog entries is $100 per 800-word minimum blog. For additional pay scale questions regarding longer blogs, please contact our Editor at
How many blog entries can I submit?
Nurse authors are welcome to submit multiple blog entries without any limitations. However, it's important to note that the acceptance and publication of an entry are not guaranteed, and payment is contingent upon publishing a blog entry rather than its mere submission.
How does payment work?
Once your blog is submitted, please allow up to 60 days for CEUfast’s editorial team to review it. After your blog is determined it meets all the submission criteria, it will be published, and the author will receive payment. Payment will be sent within 7-10 business days following publishing to the author’s pre-selected, preferred payment method.
Possible blog topics:
  • Tips for new nurses entering the profession
  • Exploring nursing specialties and career paths
  • Strategies for managing nursing stress and burnout
  • Self-care for nurses and helpful self-care tips
  • Nursing ethics and professional conduct in healthcare
  • Promoting patient safety: Best practices for nurses
  • Advancements in nursing technology
  • Stories of inspirational nursing experiences
  • Nursing education and professional development
  • Exploring cultural competence in nursing and delivering culturally sensitive care
  • Nursing research: Current trends and breakthroughs
  • Rewards and challenges of being a nurse
  • Explaining complex medical conditions or procedures by breaking it down in terms that are easily understood

Still have questions?

Our nurse author’s guide will provide comprehensive insights and practical tips for aspiring writers in the healthcare field, empowering them to effectively communicate complex medical information to a universal audience.

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