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CEUfast Relaunches Site with New Features and Updated Design

First Platform in the Industry to Use Seamless Course/Test Resuming Technology

October 1, 2015

One of the first companies to offer continuing education healthcare courses online has relaunched their site with features rivaling and in some cases exceeding those of the biggest CE platforms online today.

CEUfast was created in 1987, and in 2001, creators Julia Tortorice RN, MBA, MSN, and Donna Thomas, RN, MSN, BHSEd, launched online.

In the newly released version of CEUfast, users will enjoy a mobile-friendly site that not only auto adjusts to any platform, including laptops, tablets or smartphones--it helps the user hold their place with a unique automatic bookmarking technology.

You can start a course or test on your iPhone, take a break, then grab your phone or another device like your tablet, and pick up at the same spot where you left off.

“The course and test resuming feature saves you from wasting time scrolling and hunting down the last paragraph you read or the last question you answered. It also gives users a seamless experience between devices,” Tortorice said.

The site has a new look, with lighter colors and modified font and text size that makes the content easier to read.

Users will also notice a friendly owl icon to great visitors.

“We love what the owl represents, education and wisdom,” she said.

The new site also empowers users to keep track of their contact hours and certificates with ease.

Contact hours from the last two years are automatically totalled and displayed on users’ accounts, making it simple to track remaining CE requirements. A nurse can easily locate previous certificates, searching by year or time range.

“We’ve also made our sitewide search more robust. Users can search for courses, pages and help articles very quickly.” Tortorice said. also offers a stronger, more organized course library that allowers users to find courses by profession, state and topic.

Despite all of the changes, the service remains true to its core--- a platform created by nurses, for nurses, to provide a straight-forward route to high-quality, peer reviewed courses.

CEUfast’s streamlined, no frills simplicity allows the company to maintain a low price point at $39 per one-year subscription, covering an unlimited number of CE courses.

Clients can expect more improvements to come down the pipeline as the CEUfast team works on new features to come.