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State of Georgia

Georgia RN License Renewal Guide

Last Updated January 9, 2018

A Step-By-Step Guide for Registered Nurses in Georgia Looking to Renew Their License

The Georgia Board of Nursing requires RNs to renew their license every two years by January 31. After completing all continuing education requirements, licensees submit documentation to CE Broker, the electronic reporting service for Georgia. Licensees must pay a renewal fee of $65 on the Georgia Board of Nursing website while completing the renewal application.

Here is everything you need to know about renewing your RN license in Georgia:

Georgia Board of Nursing Continuing Education Requirements for RNs

All registered nurses will be required to complete continuing education/competency requirements as a condition of licensure renewal, effective as of January 31, 2016. Georgia law provides RNs with these five options to choose from in order to satisfy the continuing competency requirements. Unlike some states, Georgia does not have any specific mandatory courses.

  1. Complete 30 continuing education hours. Submit transcript or certificates of completion documenting 30 continuing education hours by a Board approved provider. Continuing education hours must be completed during the biennial renewal period. Transcripts and certificates need to include the provider’s approval or accreditation information and the number of contact hours awarded.
  2. Maintenance of certification by a national certifying body. Another continuing education requirement option is maintenance of certification or recertification by a national certifying body recognized by the Board. Submit evidence of recertification completed during the biennial renewal period. For a complete list of Board approved certifying bodies, visit, click on “Laws, Rules and Policies” and view Rule 410- 11-.12.
  3. Completion of an accredited academic nursing program. Completion of an accredited academic program of study in nursing or a related field as recognized by the Board. Course of study must be a minimum of two credit hours. Acceptable areas of study include respiratory therapy, informatics, health care administration and business administration. Submit transcripts showing completion of courses during the biennial renewal period. Be sure to include course descriptions.
  4. Verification of competency at a facility with 500 hours worked. Verification of competency by a health care facility or entity licensed under O.C.G.A. §31-7 or by a physician’s office that is part of a health system and at least 500 hours practiced as evidenced by employer certification on a form approved by the Board. To document this requirement option, have your employer complete and submit the verification of competence/active practice form. You can find more details about this option here.
  5. Completion of a board reentry program or nursing education program. Completion of a Board approved reentry program or graduation from a nursing education program. Submit documentation showing completion of a Board approved reentry program or graduation from an approved nursing education program within the biennial renewal period.

How to Find an Accredited CE Provider

Please note, Georgia Board of Nursing does not actually approve individual CE providers. Instead, the Board provides a list of accepted CE providers, including American Nurses Credentialing Center Commission on Certification (ANCC).

Activities the Board does NOT accept as continuing education include:

  • Offerings designed for lay persons
  • Offerings less than 30 minutes in duration
  • On-the-job orientation
  • On-the-job training related to new policies, procedures or equipment
  • Other educational activities not sufficiently professional in character to reasonably qualify as continuing education.

For more information on CE providers accepted by the Georgia Board of Nursing, click here. Visit the Georgia Board of Nursing website for more information on Georgia’s continuing education requirements for RNs. Still have questions? Visit the Board’s FAQ page here.

10 Steps to Renew Your RN License with Georgia Board of Nursing

CEUfast can automatically report to CE Broker when you pass an online CE course.

Step 1. Complete your CE requirements and submit to CE Broker. You have two options for submitting your CE documentation to Georgia Board of Nursing through CE Broker.

Option 1: Connect your CEUfast account to CE Broker for automatic reporting.

Once you enable automated reporting, your CEs will be electronically sent to the Georgia State Board of Nursing immediately after you pass an online CE course test. More information on connecting your CEUfast account to CE Broker below.


Option 2: Register with CE Broker to create your free account and upload documentation of completion of one of the five CE options (more on these below). Click here to learn more about setting up a CE Broker account.

Step 2. Enter your user ID and password to log into the online renewal system.

NOTE: If you do not already have a user ID and password, you may register on this page.

Step 3. Once you have logged into the renewal website, you will see your license information summary. Click "Renew License" from the menu on the left hand side of the page.

Step 4. Select the license you would like to renew and click "Continue."

NOTE: You must renew each license or authorization individually. Advanced Practice Registered Nurses must renew their RN license first before completing the renewal process for the APRN authorization.

Step 5. Please carefully read the instructions regarding any required renewal documentation. Once you have read all instructions select the link "Click here to begin" and proceed with your license renewal application. You will be asked to complete a short survey to provide the Board with workforce data.

To get started on your license renewal application, click here.

Step 6. Update your personal and license demographic information. Make sure you review the information carefully. Take a second to update your email address as well.

Step 7. Read and answer all renewal questions carefully.

Step 8. Review the transaction summary to check all information for accuracy. Read through your answers to the renewal questions and verify demographic information.

Step 9. Enter your payment information using the instructions provided to pay the non-refundable license renewal fee of $65.

Step 10. Print out a physical copy of the receipt for your records. Use the “Licensure Search” feature on the Georgia Board of Nursing website to verify that your license status is active. Also make sure your license expiration date was updated.

If your renewal is not completed within five business days, contact the Professional Licensing Boards Call Center at 478-207-2440.

Always keep a copy of all documentation that you submit to the Georgia Board of Nursing.

For more information on renewing your RN license visit the Georgia Board of Nursing renewal instructions.

CEUfast can automatically report to CE Broker when you pass an online CE course.

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