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CDC Reports Antibiotic Resistant Strain of Meningitis

Up until now, the majority of Neisseria meningitidis cases in the United States have been successfully treated with antibiotics. It has now been discovered that meningococcal cases that contain a blaR . . .

Number of Emergency and Medical Workers per 100,000 People Across America |

Which metropolitan areas in the United States have the most emergency and medical workers per 100,000 residents? Are areas with a high number of nurses likely to have a high number of doctors as well?

You Are What You Eat

Have you ever heard the phrase – “you are what you eat?” Well, there’s a solid reasoning behind that saying that helps people make better decisions when it comes to food and eating healthier. In today . . .

To All the Nurses Out There – How Are You Feeling?

We just finished with the month of April, which might have felt like one of the longest months of the year. Many nurses and healthcare professionals were placed on the front lines, battling something . . .

How Yoga, Meditation and other Healing Arts can Affect Your Health

If you are a healthcare professional, or work in an industry affected by the global pandemic, you may be feeling the effects from a long month of social distancing, stressful work environments and jus . . .

The Invention of Soap & How it Can Save a Life

From an early age, you are taught one of the most essential lessons of hygiene – washing your hands. You are taught to wash your hands before you eat, after using the restroom, after playing outside i . . .

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