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Are You a Nurse Working the Holiday Shift? Here’s 5 Reasons to Embrace It

Written by Kristal Roberts 

While we embrace the notion that nurses are superheroes, we’re also like everybody else.

Most of us would like nothing more than to be home with family, eating delicious food, laughing at old stories and making new memories during the holidays.



Nurses Cashing In On Nursing Shortage, Earning Higher Salary, Better Perks

Written by Kristal Roberts 

With hospitals offering great compensation packages, huge signing bonuses and luxury services for employees, it’s a good time to be a nurse.


Dear Introverts: You Don’t Have to Be Extroverted to Enjoy a Career in Nursing

Written by Kristal Roberts 

If you aren’t much of a chatterbox and constant socializing sucks the energy out of you, you’re not alone.


Nurses: Bedside Manner Matters

Written by Kristal Roberts 

Difficult patients are nothing nice to deal with, but it isn’t easy for patients to deal with cold, indifferent health professionals either.


Recognizing Patients who are Bipolar

Written by Kristal Roberts 

A new day, a new patient; no two patients are ever the same. In fact, one patient might not seem like the same person from one moment to the next. While it can be something as simple as a temporary reaction to frustration or pain, it could be a more serious condition, like bipolar disorder. 


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