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Taking Off into a Travel Nursing Career

Written by Kristal Roberts 

Did you know October 14 is National Travel Nurse Day?

If you are a travel nurse, we salute you’re adventurous spirit, and if ever considered becoming one, it’s a great idea.


8 Things New Nurses Should Know

Written by Kristal Roberts 

Getting your license is one of the most exciting moments of a new nurse’s life, but that’s obviously just the beginning of your career. There are many ups and downs you will face, and mistakes you will likely make, but many of them are preventable.

We don’t subscribe to the “nurses eat their young” philosophy.


How Coffee Helps (and Harms) Nurses

Written by Kristal Roberts 

One thing that nurses always need more of is time, but it’s a limited commodity that’s not for sale and you can’t get it back. So many of us make up for it with hard work and long hours energized by our favorite legal addiction---coffee.


Why the 'Baby Nurse' Business is a Great Opportunity for Real Nurses

Written by Kristal Roberts 
Christina Rutz/Flickr.com


Do you know many nurses making over $100 an hour? It’s not something all that common, but if you’re a nurse who happens to love babies, you may want to consider jumping on the “baby nurse” career path.

When The Nurse’s Scrubs Are Off: Making Time for Your Relationships

Written by Kristal Roberts 


Nothing feels better than a fulfilling relationship, but nursing can be one of the least forgiving careers when it comes to investing the time to make it happen.


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