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Nurses in the military have been an essential part of our American Armed Forces since the American Revolution. Their dedication in aiding the injured and ill, along with their service to the United States, deserve our respect and appreciation.

From the beginning, where military nurses were “volunteers” that wished to follow and care for their loved ones during battle, to the decorated veterans of today, we owe our thanks and gratitude to their selfless acts of heroism and courage to protect and mend our soldiers.

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As we know, prescription medications play an important role in the health of millions of Americans. But when expired or unused medications are allowed to remain in our cabinets or in our homes, they can pose a serious health risk. Additionally, as the medication is left or forgotten, the chances of it circulating back into the public is of serious concern. A U.S. government report shows that more than half of all people who first misuse prescription drugs get them from their friends, relatives or simply take them without asking.

A nurse, is in a key position to help reduce America’s opioid epidemic. From education related to drug abuse to being an encouraging factor for patients to properly dispose of unused medication, the field of nursing has made strides in helping U.S. citizens with this devastating issue.

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Nurses and other professionals in the healthcare industry work long hours, save lives and often forget to take time for themselves. Although this work is often selfless, some companies recognize this hard work and dedication through discounts. 

Start saving some extra cash today by signing up for rewards programs and doing business with those who recognize your service. 

iPhone Medical Records Apple

Apple is revolutionizing the way patients monitor their medical records by incorporating medical documents right into the Health app on iPhones. The records can include allergies, medications, immunizations, lab results, and more, according to a company news release.

Medical records are usually stored in multiple locations, making it difficult for each provider to piece together the bigger picture of an individual patient’s health. This recent change also helps patients have control over their own health records and review them as often as they like.

This feature can be particularly helpful to anyone who needs to keep track of multiple allergies or in-depth lab results. It is also convenient for people who are prescribed multiple medications and need to check that none of the prescriptions are conflicting. 

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