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Posted  August 15, 2017
postpartum depression


Becky had built a successful career by the time she and her husband decided to become parents. At age 33, she got pregnant without any trouble and had an ordinary, healthy pregnancy. She gave birth to a baby girl without any complications and started breastfeeding successfully right away. Everything seemed great for a while—until it wasn't.

A month or so into her new life, she started feeling different. She was angry, sad, anxious, and overwhelmingly tired. She had trouble thinking clearly. It was more than just “the baby blues,” so at her six-week checkup, she mentioned how she was feeling. Her healthcare provider diagnosed her with postpartum depression and prescribed an antidepressant.

Posted  August 2, 2017
florence nightingale


“Were there none who were discontented with what they have, the world would never reach anything better.”


These powerful words—spoken by a woman steeped in conviction to help others—were reinforced by the actions of her life. To be so ready to renounce all that had been handed to her—an eligible upbringing promising everything that a Victorian woman could desire—to reduce herself to a profession held as immodest and unsuitable for a lady of her social status required immense tenacity and self-belief. Her determination, sacrifice, and confidence are the reason we have since seen a medical renaissance in nursing practices and militaristic triage efforts. For all of these reasons and more, Florence Nightingale unarguably deserves the title “Mother of Modern Nursing.”

Posted July 21, 2017


infection preview


The spread of infection can be avoided by breaking any one link in the chain of infection. Protect yourself and your patients with standard precautions, safe injection practice, effective hand washing and personal protective equipment.

Posted  July 19, 2017
hyper candy


We all know that if you swallow your chewing gum, that wad is going to sit in your stomach undigested for seven years. But how do we know that? Someone probably told us—a parent, a classmate—or else we overheard it on the radio or TV, and we heard it so many times that we’ve taken it as fact.

Posted  July 7, 2017


Air-powered wheelchairs, mobile-device-operated robotic arms, 3D printing and interactive kitchens are just a few innovative research projects forming in a Pennsylvania-based laboratory.

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