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National Nurses Week Giveaway 2024

We appreciate our nurses for their unwavering commitment and tireless efforts in healthcare.

In honor of Nurses Week and as a token of appreciation, we invite you to elevate your work attire with elegance and comfort. Select from esteemed brands such as Jaanuu, Figs, Bala, Grey's Anatomy Scrubs, or WonderWink Scrubs and enter below for an opportunity to win a $50 or $100 gift card to one of these distinguished labels in our exclusive giveaway.

We'll be naming over a dozen winners a day starting May 6th. Register below!

Giveaway Details

As a thank you to our hard working Nurses across the country, CEUfast Inc. is giving away a dozen $50 gift cards and one $100 gift card per day from May 6th through May 12th. To enter, simply provide your name, email and choose which nurse apparel store you would prefer to receive a gift card from. Winners will be chosen at random and announced on the contest page and may also be announced on CEUfast social media channels. Daily winners will be announced on the day they win. Limit 1 entry per person. Winners must verify their email address to be able to receive email gift cards. Physical gift card winners must provide a verified mailing address to claim their prize by May 31st. Physical gift winners will need to have a valid US address. Participants must be 18 years old. No purchase is necessary.


May 12th
Catherine P.- N/A
Jesika S.- NY
Sonia G.- GA
Nancy C.- FL
Arlene N.- N/A
natalya c.- MA
Linda F.- NC
Daphne G.- N/A
Mystyne-Marie G.- TX
Sarfaraz M.- N/A
Colleen B.- N/A
delores t.- FL
Mwinsa E.- N/A
May 11th
Samantha C.- AR
Debra S.- IN
Faith O.- N/A
Maricon Claire P.- N/A
Deborah M.- N/A
Darlene H.- AL
Jocelyne P.- FL
Cynthia S.- TX
Ashley B.- MN
Claudia V.- MO
Sukhdeep Kaur S.- N/A
Jacqueline B.- NY
May 10th
Cynthia O.- AR
Zen Sian L.- N/A
Gloria W.- GA
Manpreet K.- N/A
Diana H.- MI
Terri K.- TX
Janet V.- N/A
Rebecca N.- FL
Joemarck I.- N/A
Gretchen S.- PA
Suzie W.- FL
gemma M.- N/A
Heather P.- TX
May 9th
Yeraldin T.- N/A
Michelle O.- AL
Jessica H.- TN
Diana B.- OH
KC Lyn A.- OR
Lisa B.- TX
Maria H.- NV
Michele D.- IL
joni j.- FL
Dayaline U.- FL
Bridget B.- RI
Brigitte C.- FL
Tisha C.- NY
May 8th
Jefy M.- N/A
christie y.- MA
Bonnie-Jo K.- NY
Marisol V.- N/A
Yvon C.- FL
Kim C.- NY
Dana M.- N/A
Marita A.- N/A
Lucie P.- FL
Kelly F.- RI
Najae F.- FL
Sandy P.- MN
Kendra N.- N/A
May 7th
Brooke M.- NC
Cedric W.- OH
Abigail A.- NY
Brenda P.- IN
Amy B.- CT
Patricia M.- FL
Ayse T.- IL
Debra B.- PA
Lori F.- LA
Damaris H.- FL
Cherry D.- MD
Michaela B.- IN
Tamara S.- FL
May 6th
Connie W.- MI
Norma P.- N/A
Jose M.- LA
Theresa B.- MA
Carol W.- IN
Estelle B.- N/A
Nkemdirim E.- NY
Aretha C.- TX
Stephanie M.- UT
Angela K.- FL
Carmen B.- N/A
Beth S.- TN
Emma B.- N/A