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Professional Biography: Donna L. Thomas

Donna L.Thomas  RN, MSN BSHEd
CEO Emeritus (Retired)

Donna L.Thomas, RN, BSHEd, MSN created CEUfast Inc., with co-founder Julia Tortorice. This online business has been successful for 19 years. They developed and became one of the first CE providers to offer full courses, testing and certificates online. Kathy Ireland on her Worldwide Business Fox TV Network show interviewed both founders. Donna Lee Thomas was featured in a video presentation. Her co-founder, Julia Tortorice, was interviewed in a question and answer session at the California studio with Kathy Ireland.

Donna Lee Thomas is a retired Nursing Supervisor with 50 years of combined teaching, supervising, and healthcare experiences. Currently, she is the CEO of CEUfast Inc. and coordinates AHA Advanced CArdiac Life Support (ACLS), Basic Cardiac Life Support (BLS), and teaches swimming. Previously, she was a former Medical Explorer Leader, Exchange Student Advisor for High School Students worldwide, Camp Nurses and Waterfront Director.

Professionally, she served as the Executive Director of an Independent Living Center, was the First Healthcare Coordinator for Santa Fe Community College providing healthcare for students, staff, and faculty. In a leadership role, she was the Chairperson of the Gainesville Area Women’s Network. Chairperson of the VA Professional Development Committee, and was an International Speaker in Kenya, Africa on “Stress in the Intensive Care Unit.” She spent limited time with the African Medical Research Foundation and shared their film with the University of Florida healthcare students and other Universities on special request.

Initially, she obtained her nursing degree from Jackson Memorial Hospital School of Nursing which was diploma school. Later, she earned a BS Health Education from the University of Florida, Magna Cum Laude with a minor in Aquatics. At the age of 60, she obtained her MSN Degree from the University of Phoenix.

Presently, she and her husband Leslie are learning all about Creative Real Estate. They are Acquisition Managers and are meeting wonderful people nationwide who need to sell or buy a home when they do not have good credit and do not or cannot go to a bank for financing. The best part is that like nurses, they can help people live productive lives by removing some of their financial burdens.

Philanthropic in nature, she and her husband manage an animal rescue farm and donate to the International Fund for Animal Welfare, and organizations that protect wild and domestic horses, wolves, polar bears and endangered species including ocean wildlife. A great motivator and supporter of those working to improve their financial life,she stresses that without clean water and air, money is useless! She encourages all to speak to their political representatives and as John F. Kennedy stated. “Ask Not what your country can do for you: ask what you can do for your country!”.

Outside of her work, she is an avid life adventurer and world traveler. Vacations including skiing, scuba diving, white water rafting, zip lining, and horseback riding. Mentors in her life have been Julia Tortorice, RN, MSN, MBA and her former boss, Tenna Listen, RN, BSN, MSN, a Chief VA Nurse, who listens first and then acts to provide safe, quality patient care.

Donna Lee Thomas has been honored as a two-time VIP Woman of the year.