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CRNA Renewal Information - Category A Courses

Last Updated: Tuesday, March 28, 2023
Created On: Tuesday, March 28, 2023

CEUfast is an accredited provider of continuing education through the ANCC. Courses provided by CEUfast are considered Category A courses, which CRNAs are required to have in order to renew their certification with the NBCRNA or the AANA. It is important to note that CEUfast is not a pre-approved provider with either the NBCRNA or the AANA. As such, CRNAs are assessed additional fees by the NBCRNA and the AANA for reporting Category A hours from a third party provider.

As of March 28, 2023, it is our understanding the AANA charges $50 per application, per course, and the NBCRNA charges $420 flat rate, in addition to the $250 application fee. In order to obtain the most current and accurate fee information, we strongly recommend checking with each entity, as applicable, for current pricing, as we cannot guarantee the current rate beyond this date.

Additional information:

Per the NBCRNA: Assessed CEs that meet the criteria for Class A requirements must be prior approved by a recognized accredited provider of continuing education, include an assessment, and be relevant to anesthesia care. An approval code is generally printed on the certificate of completion along with the approved CE value as designated by a recognized accredited provider of continuing education. Certificate of completion CE documentation must include:

  • CRNA's name (and ID number if available)
  • CE provider's name and signature
  • Program name
  • Date(s) of the program
  • CE credits or contact hours earned
  • Documentation that the program was approved by a recognized organization such as AANA, ANCC,
  • or other organizations recognized to award CE credit.

The credit fee ($420) is for review of credits pertaining to the individual application and is generated through the application as submitted by the CRNA. The current credit review fee is $420, in addition to the renewal fee of $250 per applicant. 


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