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CEUfast Launches Innovative Audio Course Feature, Enhancing Continuing Education for Nurses

January 9, 2024

Photo of new audio course feature synching across devices

January 9, 2024 – CEUfast, a leading provider of continuing education (CE) for nursing professionals, is proud to announce the launch of its innovative audio course feature. This cutting-edge addition to our educational platform is designed to make CEs more accessible, offering unprecedented convenience and flexibility.

The new audio course feature allows nursing professionals to listen to accredited CE content on the go. This adaptable learning tool is ideal not just for listening during commutes or lunch breaks, but also integrates effortlessly into a nurse's active lifestyle, including during exercise routines. Whether it's a brisk walk, a gym workout, or a relaxing yoga session, these audio courses are designed to provide valuable learning opportunities without disrupting the busy and dynamic schedules of nurses and healthcare professionals.

“Our commitment at CEUfast has always been to provide accessible and high-quality education to nursing professionals,” says Dr. Julia Tortorice, CEO of CEUfast. “The release of our audio courses is a natural extension of this commitment. It offers a practical and efficient way for nurses to stay informed and up-to-date with the latest in healthcare education – especially during a time when our nurses are adapting to the evolving needs and demands of the healthcare sector at large.”

This feature allows nurses to listen to their course content from anywhere, anytime – providing unmatched flexibility. CEUfast's audio courses connect seamlessly through car-synching functions like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, making every drive a learning opportunity. Additionally, the feature includes a device-syncing capability, ensuring a smooth transition in learning between various devices. Overall, the audio course feature is tailored to meet the dynamic needs of nursing professionals, enhancing their learning journey with convenience, accessibility, and technological sophistication.

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About CEUfast:

CEUfast was founded in 2002 by nurses, for nurses, becoming one of the first nursing CE providers to offer complete courses, testing, and certificates online. Dedicated to providing high-quality, convenient, and affordable CEUs, CEUfast continues to innovate and support the educational needs of healthcare professionals.