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Help - Taking and Retaking Tests

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Taking and Retaking Tests

Last Updated: Wednesday, August 24, 2022
Created On: Friday, December 6, 2019

Taking a Test

Once you have studied the course material and are ready to take the test, click the “Take Test” button located at the top right of each course page. Alternatively, you can click the "Take Test" link found to the right of the course title on the Course Library page.

Next, answer the questions on the test by selecting the small circle by the answer you wish to select. Each time you select an answer on the test, your progress is saved.  You can leave and resume your test progress at any time, from any device.

Please note: You must answer all questions before you can submit a test. Once you have completed the exam, be sure to click the "Grade Exam Now" button located at the bottom of the test in order to submit your test for grading. Grading is an automated process that allows for your test results to be displayed immediately after submission. 

Retaking a Test

Tests can be taken as many times as you like, with no waiting period in between attempts. Each time you successfully complete a test (score 80% or above), you can obtain a new certificate with a new date of completion.

However, keep in mind that your state will only accept credit for the same course once within the same renewal period. In most states, the renewal periods are every two years. Once you have started a new renewal period, you can take the same course again and receive credit for the course.



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