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Back to News 2.0: New Look, New Attitude

October 1, 2015

You may notice that things look a little different around here at CEUfast, and that’s because we’ve given ourselves a bit of an overhaul!

After 14 years of offering the best in online CE courses, CEUfast is relaunching our platform this fall to provide a stronger, easier, more beautiful experience for our users.

Things We’ve Changed

A lot has changed stylistically in the digital world since we first launched online in 2001. We wanted our brand to reflect that, so we updated our site with a look that spoke to our growth, and new functions that are unlike any other CE platform currently on the market.

We’ve updated our logo, switching out our clunkier lettering for a cleaner, minimalistic look. We wanted something more memorable and unique to CEUfast.

New CEUfast logo





We’ve reduced the clutter and unnecessary elements from our pages so users can easily find what they’re looking for. Our website is even easier to navigate than in years’ past.

CEUfast now has lower file sizes to reduce loading time, giving users a faster experience. Another new feature? Meet the CEUfast owl.


Our owl icon represents everything our brand stands for: intelligence, education, and a user friendly experience.

Our new color scheme is warmer and allows us to be more versatile so we can use a wider variety of colors .

Our mobile friendly platform also modifies to your device (be it cell phone, tablet, laptop or PC) and we’ve chosen new fonts and sizes that make it easier to read our courses, tests and pages.

All of these changes were tested over the course of several months, and we used feedback from a varying pool of users, ranging from our own customers to people who hadn’t previously heard of our brand.

After combing over each detail and tweaking CEUfast to offer users the best experience while staying true to our vision, we’re pleased to release CEUfast 4.0.

We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished, and we continue to welcome your comments as we constantly work toward meeting giving you the best experience possible.