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CEUfast Blog: Education

10 Study Tips to Simplify Nursing School

When becoming a nursing student, you will be faced with learning a massive amount of crucial information within a couple of years. Glancing at the course outline isn't going to give you the tools nece . . .

Prioritizing While in Nursing School

Nursing school will be an extremely rewarding and busy time in your life!

Top Scholarship and Financial Aid Resources for Nursing Students

Nurses are a critical part of the health care system. While nurses typically work as subordinates to physicians, they tend to spend more time working with and caring for patients on a personal level. . . .

5 TED Talks All Nurses Need to Watch

If you are a nursing student looking for some insight into the industry, or a seasoned nurse seeking some extra inspiration, these speeches will get you motivated. TED is a nonprofit organization focu . . .

6 Myths You've Heard About Diabetes

More than 30 million people are living with diabetes, a chronic disease where there is a high level of sugar in the blood. Of those millions, nearly 28 percent do not know they even have this disease . . .