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CEUfast Blog: Nursing News

Emergency and Medical Workers Across America

When you imagine the intense, hustle and bustle of a major metropolitan area, such as New York City or Miami, it’s typical to hear a constant roar of a fire truck siren or sounds of police cars in the . . .

FDA Launches Tool for Doctors to Manage Antibiotic Use

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration created a website to help health care providers treat patient infections effectively. The new approach is part of an effort to combat antimicrobial resistance, wh . . .

5 TED Talks All Nurses Need to Watch

If you are a nursing student looking for some insight into the industry, or a seasoned nurse seeking some extra inspiration, these speeches will get you motivated. TED is a nonprofit organization focu . . .

Street Medicine Brings Health Care to the Homeless

Frustrated with the lack of health care in the homeless, Jim Withers, MD, decided bring healing directly to the needy on the street. In 1992, Dr. Withers started dressing as a homeless man to walk the . . .

Know Your Legal Rights as a Nurse

Im just trying to do what Im supposed to do. That’s all. Spoken by Utah nurse Alex Wubbels moments before she was arrested, these words echo a fundamental truth about nurses. Nurses are supposed to pr . . .

New App Gives Texas Nurses Shift Flexibility

While hospitals continue to face a nationwide nursing shortage, a Texas-based startup created an on-demand solution to transforming healthcare staffing. The Praos Health app gives Texas nurses and hea . . .

Lyme Disease Cases On the Rise in the Northeast

A rising mice population results in a surge in the number of Lyme disease cases diagnosed.

Nurse Appointed Surgeon General

On April 21, 2017, Sylvia Trent-Adams was named acting Surgeon General of the United States. She is a proud veteran of the nursing industry and the first non physician to serve as Surgeon General.

Nurses Cashing In On Nursing Shortage, Earning Higher Salary, Better Perks

With hospitals offering great compensation packages, huge signing bonuses and luxury services for employees, it’s a good time to be a nurse.

Night Shift Nurses May have Higher Breast Cancer Risk

September is breast cancer awareness month, a condition that many nurses have treated. But did you know that working the night for an extended period of time increases your chances of developing bre . . .

Feds Tell Nursing Homes To Address Employees Exploiting Patients on Social Media

A patient’s privacy should always be protected by their healthcare provider, but unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen. Patient abuse has been an underlying issue in healthcare for quite some time . . .

In the Nurses Unit: Secondary Trauma From the Emotional Weight of Tragedy

Most nurses will tell you they’ve seen everything when it comes to gruesome injuries and tragic deaths. They’ve got thick skin and and an elastic heart. It’s a part of their survival and what it tak . . .

Nurses Uniting To Put an End to Short Staffing, Safety Issues

Nursing may be considered the most ethical and honest profession in America, but that honor and recognition doesn’t always translate into a happy, fulfilling career.

First MakerHealth Space in Hospital Let's Nurses Build Solutions For Healthcare

As a nurse, you come in contact with problems all the time and you likely Macgyver your own solutions everyday. If you’ve ever wished for the ability to create real tools that would make your job easi . . .

Become a Nurse Expert in the Dr. Oz #NURSESEARCH

Think you’ve got what it takes to be considered a nurse expert? What about a nurse celebrity? The 3 time emmy-winning show Dr. Oz, that’s who!

“Don’t Mess With Nurses” Blog Goes Viral After ‘The View’ Debacle

ABC’s ‘The View’ got a lot of nurses riled up last week after comedians Joy Behar and Michelle Collins made dismissive comments about Miss Colorado, a Miss America contestant who shared a monologue ab . . .

ATTN Joy Behar & THE VIEW: Don't Mess with Nurses

Comedian Joy Behar learned an important lesson over the last 24 hours. DONT. MESS. WITH. NURSES. The hashtag #NursesUnite took over social media after Behar made comments that made nurses across the w . . .

Meet SeeSee: The 90-year-old Nurse Who Keeps Going & Going

If we’ve ever needed an example of what it means to dedicate a lifetime to one’s career, look no further than Florence SeeSee Rigney---the oldest working nurse in the United States.

Male Nurses Getting Paid More? What Female Nurses Can Do About It

There’s no question about it, nursing is a predominately female industry. Not only do women make up the majority of staff nursing positions, they’re also Chief Nursing Officers 90 percent of the time.

What a Rockstar Nurse Conference Looks Like: AONE 2015

Nurse leaders officially took over the city of Phoenix during the annual AONE conference April 15 - 18, and in a word, it was spectacular. If you’ve never heard of the AONE conference, it’s one of the . . .

New 2015 Requirement for Florida Nurses

Florida Nurses, as your April and July deadlines draw near, don’t forget to take care of the new Laws and Rules requirement needed to renew your license.

First FDA Approved Smartphone Thermometer by KINSA Will Track Health Trends Locally & Globally

When most of us think of thermometers, we think of a tool that reads our temperatures, but KINSA, the maker of the first FDA approved smart phone thermometer, has released a thermometer that is slated . . .

Celebrating National Nurses Week would like to join the American Nurses Association in celebrating National Nurses Week.