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7 Ways Nurses Can Stay Healthy & Keep Off the Pounds This Holiday Season

Written by Kristal Roberts
thanksgiving dinner for nurses          Photo credit vxla/Flickr.com

Nurses, the holidays are right around the corner, so that means lots of cheer, friends, family and yummy food.

Working in the healthcare industry does little to stop us from indulging in a piece of pecan pie here, or a slice of honey-baked ham there---and we can’t blame you, it’s a time to eat, drink and be merry for pete’s sake.  

How Nurses Can Reduce Stress, Improve Health in a Few Minutes with Meditation

Written by Kristal Roberts

IMAGE: Author- RelaxingMusic, Flickr.com

Most people who enter the nursing field do it because they love it, but that doesn’t mean that the job is without its difficulties. It’s demanding nature and long hours create a high stress atmosphere that can get to even the best nurses, but managing your stress is the key to getting a hold of peace and mental well-being. You don’t need a fancy vacation or spa weekend to reach a Zen state, just a few minutes out of each day before you start your shift or take you lunch break to do something proven to relieve stress: meditation.

So, You've Got a Doctor's Appointment You Say?

Written by Julia Tortorice
Meet your Doctor

Photo by: Vic (Flickr)

Arriving prepared assures a beneficial appointment for you and your doctor.

Even if you are the most dutiful of patients who schedules your physical like clockwork every year, you might not be getting the most out of your annual checkup. Your doctor and nurse are not the only ones who need to be prepared for your appointment - patients need to come to the appointment prepared too! So, you've got a doctor's appointment you say? Let me give you some tips on how to make it the most productive appointment you've ever had!

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