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The way in which science fiction has influenced medicine is truly out of this world. From Frankenstein to The Fifth Element, medical technology and procedures have been pushed into actual practice. We will explore how these imaginative, sometimes crazy ideas have now been incorporated into everyday medicine.

Posted  November 20, 2017 
medical delivery dronePhotos courtesy of Zipline

One pint of blood can save as many as three lives — but, blood transfusions can’t save lives if it is not easily accessible.

More than 90 percent of roads in Africa wash out each year, creating a hurdle between medical supplies and patients in need. Transporting blood from blood banks to hospitals and clinics in rural areas takes hours, if hospital workers can even reach the patient at all. The lack of adequate transportation, communication or infrastructure often leads to preventable deaths.

One California-based company is fixing that issue and revolutionizing medical supply delivery.

Written by Julia Tortorice
Photo by: makelessnoise (Flickr)

Photo by: makelessnoise (Flickr)

No matter who does the prescribing, dosing, and administering, make sure you know all there is to know about the medicines you are taking!

How Medicine Can Make You Sick

You think of getting better when you think of medicine; you don't think that medicine can actually make you sick. When your healthcare professional prescribes medication for you, the intent is to cure whatever ailment the medicine is formulated to treat. The problem is medication isn't always the best medicine. In rare cases, medication can cause additional illness or even death. Therefore, it is extremely important to keep the lines of communication open between your doctor, your pharmacist, and yourself to ensure everyone understands how your medication affects you.

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