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CEUfast Blog: Career

5 Reasons Why New Nurses Should Wait Before Going After Management Roles

So, you’re barely out of nursing school and you’re interested getting a nurse management role. While you may wish to dive right into nursing management or administration after receiving your asn, bsn . . .

10 Study Tips to Simplify Nursing School

When becoming a nursing student, you will be faced with learning a massive amount of crucial information within a couple of years. Glancing at the course outline isn't going to give you the tools nece . . .

Prioritizing While in Nursing School

Nursing school will be an extremely rewarding and busy time in your life!

CEUfast is Partnering with Providers to Meet the Hands-on Requirement for Florida LPN IV Certification

CEUfast is proud to announce we have developed a series of courses that meet the 24 hours of the online portion of the LPN IV Series continuing education. Additionally, we are partnering with faciliti . . .

8 Nurse Hacks that Will Make Your Job Easier

Being a nurse is satisfying work, but it can also be hard. Thankfully, nurses are resilient, resourceful and creative when it comes to creating solutions that can make life easier. Here are a eight g . . .