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Eating around Gluten: Navigating Celiac Disease

Posted February 28, 2017
gluten danger

How often have you been waiting in a bakery line only to hear a patron ask if the chocolate chip cookies are gluten free? Despite the eye rolling from other customers, the answer is likely yes. That’s largely due to the nation’s food industry catering to the trendy gluten-free crowd, and to the growing number of people suffering from celiac disease. Experts estimate that one in 100 people worldwide suffer from this autoimmune disorder, and almost three million Americans may be suffering undiagnosed. Although “gluten free” may be a household term, most aren’t aware why such a need for wheat-free products exists and why it’s important for those living with celiac disease to manage its effects.

Top 4 Picks for a Nurse's Netflix and Chill

Written by Kristal Roberts 

You’re a nurse who is finally free (off from work), yippee! You may think to yourself, “Will I go shopping? Maybe the gym? A night out with my friends, perhaps?”


Then it hits you, it’s your "weekend" (even if it isn't Saturday or Sunday) and you don’t want to go anywhere.

You’d much rather do that sit on your cozy couch and zone out with a little Netflix!

A How To “Step-By-Step Guide” for Florida Nurses Renewing Their License

Written by Kristal Roberts 

The renewal period for Florida RNs in group 2 is coming up and there are quite a few stipulations Florida nurses must comply with in order to successfully renew their license. 

In the Nurses Unit: Secondary Trauma From the Emotional Weight of Tragedy

Written by Kristal Roberts 

Most nurses will tell you they’ve seen everything when it comes to gruesome injuries and tragic deaths.
 They’ve got thick skin and and an elastic heart. It’s a part of their survival and what it takes to focus on healing patients regardless of the calamity happening around them. 

The Important Part Nurses Play in Wound Care

Written by Kristal Roberts 

Nurses who specialize in wound care are dedicated to treating the most difficult, non-healing wounds.  About half of patients who develop a diabetic foot ulcer will die within five years, according to the Journal of American Podiatric Medical Association.

Through the Eyes of an Alzheimer’s Patient: What They're Experiencing

Written by Kristal Roberts 

When you look at your face in the mirror, you recognize your skin, your eyes, your imperfections, and your smile, because it’s you.  But could you imagine looking at your reflection one day and having no idea who you were?

What To Do When An Asthma Patient Walks In

Written by Kristal Roberts 

A patient walks in and tells you she is struggling to breathe. Her chest is tight, she may have a dry cough and her skin is losing color. She’s starting to wheeze, there might be mucous secretions and she might be sweating.  


Don't Give Up: 3 Tips for Accomplishing Those New Year’s Resolutions

Written by Kristal Roberts
Nurses New Year


We're not too far into 2016, and many of us nurses are looking to it as a fresh new start and a brand new lease on life.

Just one problem.

As many of you know, the inspiration and motivation to keep up with your new year hopes and dreams often dies out before you’ve even had the chance to make a dent in them.

A Nurse’s Guide to Black Friday 2015

Written by Kristal Roberts
Black Friday

The Thanksgiving holiday is a time for family, friends and great food--but the following days are all about the biggest shopping days of the year: Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

From clothes and technology to entertainment and services, consumers can really clean up as companies offer their goods at a fraction of the regular cost.

While the hunt for amazing deals can be a fun, it can also be a stressful and crowded shopping experience.

Stop Bashing Prenatal Fitness: Working Out While Pregnant is More Than Okay

Written by Julia Tortorice
Contributor: Anna Rainbolt

Exercise is widely accepted as a healthy, necessary activity that keeps weight under control and prevents a myriad of diseases, but when it comes to pregnant women working out, it makes a  lot of people feel uneasy.

Despite the wave of research that has touted the benefits of prenatal exercise over the last 10+ years, many believe that workouts can harm the fetus.

Nurses, Enjoy These 4th of July Deals!

Written by Kristal Roberts

Whether you’re off from work, taking in the fireworks or at a hospital treating folks who have injured themselves from the freak accidents that are all too common on the 4th of July, nurses should be able to celebrate America’s birthday too.

We asked ourselves, what better way to celebrate our freedom than with freebies and discounts?

What a Rockstar Nurse Conference Looks Like: AONE 2015

Written by Kristal Roberts
AONE 2015

Nurse leaders officially took over the city of Phoenix during the annual AONE conference April 15 - 18, and in a word, it was spectacular.

If you’ve never heard of the AONE conference, it’s one of the biggest nursing leadership events in country.

Spring Cleaning, Nurse Style

Written by Kristal Roberts
Nurse Office

Spring is in full swing, flowers are in bloom and people are outside, smelling the roses…and breaking their bones.

While that means more patients and more paperwork for you, it shouldn’t have to mean neglecting other things that come with the season, like a good old fashioned spring cleaning!

Enter Our Nurses Who Rock 2015 Nurses Week Contest, Win Big!

Written by Kristal Roberts
Nurse Super Powers

IMAGE: Copyright © CEUFast.com

The year is flying by, and before you know it Nurses Week 2015 will be here.

CEUFast appreciates everything healthcare professionals do and we want to honor 7 deserving nurses.

Great Last Minute Valentines Day Gifts for Nurses!

Written by Kristal Roberts
Valentines Candy

IMAGE: CrazyInSane, Flickr.com

If anyone deserves some love on Valentine’s Day, it’s nurses.

You recognize that nurses deserve something special on this holiday of love, and while personalized items like mugs with “RN Jane Doe” is a great idea, times running out, and you need something quick. 

New Look, Customer-Requested Features Coming to CEUFast This Spring!

Written by Kristal Roberts
CEUFast Nursing CE

In the coming months, you may notice something’s a little different at CEUFast.com!

This spring, CEUFast is re-launching its site, offering the same high-quality CE courses on a cleaner, easier-to-use platform that offers more style and convenience than ever before.

CEUFast Holiday Recipes

Written by Kristal Roberts
Coca-Cola Ham

Coca-Cola Ham

Some of the best holiday moments happen as friends and family are sharing delicious foods, so we here at CEUFast have decided to share some of our favorite recipes! In one way or another, these delightful treats hold a special place in our hearts. 

The Biology of Chronobiology

Written by Julia Tortorice
Your bodies alarm clock.

Photo by: Alan Cleaver (Flickr)
Your chronobiology is your body's natural alarm clock.

Are you a morning person or a night owl? Or are you one of the many who believe that there is no such thing as morning people and night people? If you are the latter, a non-believer, I am going to break it to you gently that you are wrong. Recent studies have proven that there is such a thing as morning people and night owls, and what makes this a biological fact is our "chronobiology." What's chronobiology, you ask? Read on.

Old Wives' Tales: Truth or False?

Written by Julia Tortorice
Baby sucking thumb

Photo by: Kel McDonald (Flickr)

Thumb sucking is comforting for infants.

Old Wives' Tales: Truth or False?

We all love old wives' tales. They are not only fun to learn, but some of them are actually true. I caution my patients to avoid relying upon them solely, however, because wives' tales can also be - well - tales, and grand tales at that! They are fun, though, so let's see if eleven well-known wives' tales tell the truth or are false.

Celebrating National Nurses Week

Written by Julia Tortorice
Happy Nurses Week

CEUFast.com would like to join the American Nurses Association in celebrating National Nurses Week. National Nurses Week was established to raise awareness of the many different ways nurses, the largest healthcare profession, are tirelessly working to save lives and improve the health of millions of patients each year.

March Madness

Written by Julia Tortorice
Photo by: bigcityal (Flickr)

Photo by: bigcityal (Flickr)

Our March Madness goes beyond basketball!

March Madness

College hoops fans go crazy in the month of March. March Madness is an NCAA tradition gluing tons of sports fans to their television sets. We in the health care industry have a better label than March Madness for the month of March: health awareness month. Throughout the month of March, health topics are the focus worldwide, and the March health tips are designed to give all of us a healthier lifestyle. Let's go crazy over health and review some important March celebrations!


Written by Julia Tortorice

Hello everyone! My name is Julia Tortorice and I have been a Registered Nurse for more than three decades. As an RN, MBA, MSN and the lead nurse planner and CFO for CEUFast, Inc. since 2001 I am now finally sharing my knowledge with the world.

I received my MBA and post baccalaureate certificate in nursing education from the University of Florida and my MSN from the University of Phoenix. I am also a board certified nurse executive advanced (NEA-BC) and a certified professional of health care quality (CPHQ). Since 1984 I have worked as a nursing executive.

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