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CEUfast Blog - Category: Infection Control

Posted July 21, 2017


infection preview


The spread of infection can be avoided by breaking any one link in the chain of infection. Protect yourself and your patients with standard precautions, safe injection practice, effective hand washing and personal protective equipment.

Putting the Focus Back on Patient Care

Written by Julia Tortorice 
Zika Mosquito

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the news, you’ve likely noticed that information about the Zika virus is rapidly changing, and that’s because --

1. The consequences of this mosquito borne illness are becoming more apparent with time

2. It’s more of a threat than scientists initially thought.

Written by Kristal Roberts 


We all know superbugs are life threatening bacteria that are a major thorn in the side of the healthcare industry-- particularly because they can be found in medical facilities everywhere, they often infect unsuspecting patients and they are resistant to antibiotics.

In fact, the Center For Disease Control says about 2 million people get sick from a superbug each year and 23,000 die from it.

Written by Kristal Roberts

This image was provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities.

As health professionals, many have heard a lot of buzz about the Zika Virus. It’s a disease that’s not exactly new, but the details as to “where” the virus is showing up and “how” it’s transmitted have taken a drastic turn.

Written by Kristal Roberts
Clean Hands


Hospitals across the nation are filled with some of the most educated, brightest minds in medicine.

So sometimes, it’s a bit baffling that something as simple as washing hands is a huge problem for many health care professionals. 

Written by Julia Tortorice
Donning and Doffing

In a continued effort to keep nurses safe when treating patients with Ebola, the Center for Disease Control recently updated their personal protective equipment procedures.

The CDC’s update covers the topic in great detail, including recommended administrative and environmental controls for healthcare facilities, training, and proper storage of equipment, but we’re going to focus specifically on the practice of Donning and Doffing.

Written by Julia Tortorice
Ebola - Courtesy CDC

Photo Courtesy CDC

How Ebola Impacted West African Healthcare Providers

When the 2014 outbreak of Ebola began to wreak havoc in West Africa back in February, multiple reports stated that health care givers attempting to treat patients became infected with the disease themselves.

Several of them died.

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