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Miraculous Recoveries


Sometimes, horrible and terrifying injuries happen from accidents that leave us a stone’s throw away from death, and a trip to the emergency room is the best bet to staying alive. When you work in the medical field – particularly in the emergency room – you may see or treat many people coming in from bad car accidents or work-related injuries, and think there’s no way to recover from such a serious, life-threatening condition.

So, the next day when you clock into work, you might be surprised to find this patient alive and doing well. And in some extreme cases, making a miraculous recovery. If you have witnessed something similar to this situation, you might be able to relate to some of these stories that bring miraculous recoveries to a new level.

Stories of Real Recoveries

Making a miraculous recovery after a horrific, tragic accident that should have left someone dead isn’t very common. But, it happens more than you might think. You hear about it on the news – a miraculous recovery from a drunk driving incident that would have left someone paralyzed or even an unbelievable recovery from what should have been a terminal medical condition.

Through one way or another, each of these five stories has an amazing feat that has no other explanation other than being a miraculous recovery:

  • A boy who survived leukemia 3 times in 10 years: At age 6, a little boy named Zach Swart was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in 2007. After roughly the years of chemo for his treatments, the cancer returned a couple years later. And after another two years of treatment, he was deemed cancer-free. Once Zach turned 15, the cancer returned and not only did he have chemo treatments, he also had a bone marrow transplant, which was not making him better.
    • The family was introduced to a “CAR-T cell treatment” through a doctor in New York City, which put him into remission within a matter of weeks. Since then, Zach has been cancer free and growing stronger by the day.
  • Bladder cancer that saved a man’s heart: A doctor from New York City explains that he once had a patient that while prepping for his cancer treatment, had blood tests and an EKG done, which revealed that he had a terrible, life-threatening heart condition. So bad in fact, that the patient was at risk of sudden death, the doctor explained.
  • Living life without a skull: Jennifer Beaver fell off a golf cart and landed on her head, which led to an emergency surgery where doctors had no choice but to remove half of her skull to alleviate pressure during a massive brain bleed. After suffering massive brain trauma and coming out of a medically induced coma, Jennifer’s health condition steadily improved and she was able to go home.
  • Recovery after tragic fall from a tree: While out on a nature walk with friends and family, high school student Katie Vacek, fell from a 20-foot tree while she was climbing. She landed facedown, but remained conscious. However, after turning over, she realized she couldn’t feel her legs.
    • After being airlifted to a hospital, it was found that Katie had fractured her sternum, broken multiple ribs, had a partially collapsed lung and a broken spine. She was immediately rushed for a seven-hour surgery to fuse her spine, but was told her chances of walking again were very low. After much determination and physical therapy, Katie was however able to stand again and even danced with her boyfriend at prom.

patient being assisted into a pool

  • Fifteen minutes without a heartbeat: During an interview with a doctor from an emergency room in Utah, he explained that a man called an ambulance because he was having chest pain. On the way to the ER, the paramedics began CPR because the man lost his pulse. And once he arrived at the hospital, the CPR continued and the doctor shocked his heart in an attempt to revive him.
    • After a successful cardioversion, they were able to revive his heartbeat and he was admitted to the hospital. From the time he lost his pulse in the ambulance to the time he was revived, he was without a heartbeat for fifteen minutes. And by some miracle, the doctor said the man was released from the hospital two days later to go home.
  • Otherwise healthy 6-year-old girl suddenly becomes extremely ill: Victoria Bermudez, a 6-year-old girl, started with a low-grade fever and within a few days developed a cough and started to breathe heavily. She was taken to an urgent care clinic where the situation became worse and was rushed to the emergency room. Within the next four hours, Victoria went into cardiac arrest three times and was moved into intensive care, where her body went into septic shock.
    • She had to undergo a treatment known as ECMO, which allows a machine to take over the work of the lungs and heart so that other organs have time to rest and recover. She remained in pediatric intensive care for roughly two months and required the help of a ventilator to breathe and a feeding tube for nutrition. However, she was discharged home shortly later and was told she would make a full recovery.

hospital room image

While each story is unique in its own way, the similarities are that these people lived through a horrific accident or life-threatening medical condition that should have ended their lives but didn’t. Instead, these people were fortunate enough to make a miraculous recovery, continue on with life and perhaps, get a second chance to have more time on this earth. And as each story is fascinating to hear about on the news, it’s even more real to hear it from healthcare professionals that witnessed it firsthand.

From a Medical Standpoint

It’s one thing to hear about miraculous recoveries on a television show, podcasts or other sources of information, but it’s another to hear about them from medical professionals that literally did the heavy lifting, so-to-speak.

An article from Reader’s Digest says they dove into some Reddit threads where doctors and nurses were posting about different stories they had encountered over time that “baffled and amazed them.”

“The results show that modern medicine, combined with the power of human determination, can overcome incredible circumstances,” Reader’s Digests states.

Being a medical professional during a miraculous recovery story isn’t always glamorous, as most of the time the patients have very little chance of surviving. So, telling a patient or the patient’s family that the chances are little to any for them continuing to live can be heart wrenching. And, although it’s a huge feat for the medical industry when someone makes a miraculous recovery, it can often leave workers puzzled and not fully comprehending what happened or why that person recovered. Is it just luck? Is it something beyond our comprehension? That’s one of the things that makes miraculous recoveries so incredible because we may never fully know.

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