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Ways to Stay Healthy During a Busy Life


It’s never too late to start healthier life habits, especially when we live in such a fast-paced world where life comes at you fast and it’s difficult to slow down and take time to put your health as a priority. Even though it’s tempting to start a big resolution for yourself and make a big health change, sometimes taking small steps towards a healthier life can make a big difference in the end. There are numerous fad diets out there that you can follow for 30 days and lose weight. However, keeping the weight off after the diet is over is another story.

Instead of trying diets that might not work in the long run or spending money on a gym membership or piece of expensive gym equipment, maybe there are ways to start relatively small and accomplish more in the long term. Let’s start with ways to exercise without really having to work out.

Ways to Exercise Efficiently

woman walking up stairs

Have you ever heard of low-impact exercise? It’s a real thing! And it’s great for people that maybe need to start out slow or can’t find a time in the day to get a major gym session in their schedule. Here are a few different ways to exercise without feeling like you are doing much of the work:

  • Walking: Walking is a great low-impact aerobic exercise that’s fairly easy to do for most people and you can do just about anywhere. So instead of taking that parking spot nearest to the building at work, try parking a little ways out and walking to your office. Or, take a walk after dinner around the neighborhood with a friend or family member. If you walk at a brisk pace, you might be surprised at how many calories you burn.
  • Riding a Bike: Do you live close enough to your job that maybe you could ride your bike into work a few times a week? Riding a bike is a good exercise that’s fun and helps you stay fit. It’s also a good way to get the whole family outside and doing something fun.
  • Quick Workouts During Your Routine: When you wake up in the morning and brush your teeth or comb your hair, try standing on one leg or maybe even incorporate some squats into your routine.
  • Take the Stairs: Although the elevator might be tempting, taking the stairs at work is a simple, yet effective way to give yourself a little workout. In fact, just five minutes of stair climbing can burn about 50 calories.
  • Taking a Lunch Break: In these busy, hectic work times, it might be difficult to separate your lunch from your work day, but it’s a good way to take a mental break from your work and also good for your physical health. Try taking a 10-minutes brisk walk and take the stairs when you return.
  • Phone Call Walks: Sometimes when people get nervous they might pace around the room. Well, it’s sometimes the same way when people talk on the phone. When someone gives you a call, take it outside and go for a walk while talking.

Many of these things on the list above are already things you might do and you may not even realize that you are already taking steps in the right direction towards bettering your health. And in this day and age, carrying a phone or some type of device that counts your steps can show you just how much you are up and moving without even realizing it. So, now that we’ve talked about getting a little more exercise during the day, let’s see how we can take steps towards eating healthier also.

Start Good Eating Habits

woman drinking water after exercising

It might seem like a quick, easy alternative to eat at a fast-food restaurant after a long day on the job. In today’s world juggling a full-time job, family and other responsibilities can get a little overwhelming and it’s easy to fall victim to a quick drive through to eat a cheap, greasy burger. However, when you eat food that might not be so great for your body, you are filling it up with meaningless calories that will ultimately add up to gaining weight and creating health problems in the long run.

So, here are a few quick tips you can try to eat a little healthier with minimal effort:

  • Use Non-Starchy Vegetables: When you eat dinner in the evening, try to fill up half of your plate with a non-starchy vegetable; Examples of starchy vegetables include potatoes, corn and navy beans. When you eat healthier vegetables, such as spinach, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower and other leafy greens, you are eating foods that are low in calories but packed with nutrients, fiber and water.
  • Use a Smaller Plate or Bowl: Portion control is a big deal; and, the size of your plate can affect how much you eat. In fact, the simple illusion of eating from a smaller plate could help you feel more satisfied with less food.
  • Drink Your Coffee Black: Especially as a professional in the medical industry that works long, tiring shifts, you can expect that coffee is part of your daily routine. However, when you start drinking your coffee with sugar, cream, milk and other sweeteners, the calories can start adding up.
  • Keep Healthy Snack in Reach: Unfortunately, healthy foods can sometimes get a bad rap; when you start to get hungry and crave something, it’s easy to go for something that’s not healthy that we think will satisfy the urge. However, stocking your pantry with healthy snacks can help fight cravings, especially when you are on the go. These snacks can include nuts, fruit or even a little bit of dark chocolate.
  • Stay Hydrated: Water is important for your health, and drinking enough water can help maintain brain function, concentration and a positive mood. And, water can help you lose weight by keeping you full and increasing how many calories you burn. If you can’t drink the recommended amount of water in a day, try to at least have a glass or two with each meal.

So, by getting a few more steps in each day and remembering to eat a little better, you can start your journey onto creating a healthier self. By trying these new practices out and seeing some changes in your life, you might also start to notice that you feel better.

When you take time to get enough sleep, eat good foods and take charge of your health, you may start to notice that you have a positive shift in your mood because you are taking good care of your body. Even though busy work schedules make it tough to be social, it’s important to take time to socialize with your friends and nurture relationships that are important to you. And, when you aren’t busy working yourself to death, you should try to find activities that mentally stimulate you. It’s good to take the time to sit for a moment and process your emotions, practice self-care and find ways to make yourself feel better. So, while it’s great to have big ambitions of losing a lot of weight quickly, it could be better to start off small and work your way up to achieving a better, healthier lifestyle.


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