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CEUfast Presents Quiz Guru, a Fun Learning Platform

After months of development, CEUfast is excited to introduce something that’s loads of fun, and sure to keep your nursing skills sharp as a tack.



We present to you Quiz Guru, a fun platform that tests users nursing knowledge with short, addicting quizzes.

No need to dust off your old textbooks from nursing school.

Quiz Guru is  generated from over 100 different CEUfast courses, ranging from lessons on Alzheimer’s to Zika, so you will always have tons of fresh quizzes to challenge you.  

You can also compete against your friends and see how they stack up by sharing your quiz on social media and inviting them to take the same quiz you’ve taken.

When you are ready to switch things up, users are able to veer into other topics like human anatomy or lighter fare like our holiday trivia.

Quiz Guru is a never a huge commitment. You can play for less than a minute or you can play for hours with it’s fast-paced format, it’s completely up to you.

Where else can you kill time and have fun brushing up on information pertinent to your career? We’d like to think no place does it better than Quiz Guru.

It’s educational, guilt free fun!

All you need is your mobile phone, tablet or computer.

To get started, you simply visit and complete our quick registration process.


Try CEUfast today!