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Nurses Week 2015: For All the Nurses Who Rock  

It’s your week---National Nurses Week, that is!

It kicks off today, May 6, and ends on May 12, the birthday of nursing trailblazer Florence Nightingale.

A Little Nurse History

In the unlikely case that you haven’t heard of Nightingale, she was an Italian social reformer and nurse who helped reduce deaths in a London hospital by two-thirds during the 1850’s Crimean War.

What was her miraculous, life saving secret? Improving hygienic practices in medicine.

She wrote about her findings and they went on to help reform health care. By 1860, she established St. Thomas Hospital and Nightingale Training School for Nurses.

(To learn more, check out her bio here:

Nightingale was a hero then, just as all of you nurses are heroes in everyday life today.

The only difference is, you may not get the same kind of praise and recognition, but you are just as worthy.

From the time they’re fresh out of the womb to the moments leading to their death, nurses diagnose, treat, save, comfort, medicate and educate their patients with their whole hearts.  

As far as we’re concerned, it should be a worldwide holiday that ends with each nurse receiving her weight in gold.

But we know that probably won’t happen.

So instead, we decided to reward nurses in CEUFast’s Nurses Who Rock contest.

We are excited to share some of the amazing stories nurses shared over the course of Nurses Week, as well as the prizes awarded to our top 7 entrants! A winner will be announced each day throughout Nurses’ Week!

But whether you entered our contest or not, you all deserve to be treated, so we put together a short list of awesome freebies and deals we hope you can enjoy.

Nurse Deals & Freebies


Have a little something sweet on Cinnabon! Some national Cinnabon stores are giving away one free Cinnabon classic cinnamon roll or minibon roll with nurses who are wearing their employee badges. Just contact the Cinnabon nearest you to see if they are participating in the giveaway!

Haagen Dazs Free Ice Cream

If you prefer icecream, you’re in luck! Haagen Daz is giving away free ice cream cones on May 12. Just walk in between 4 PM to 8 PM to claim your sweet treat!

Johnson & Johnson

Nurses can get free Nurses Save Lives, Thank a Nurse magnets and other free materials from Johnson & Johnson discover nursing link:

American Nursing Association Free Webinar

Nurses can enjoy free ANA webinar My Patient, My Code, My Practice: Ethical Decision Making and Action May 7.  It begins 1 PM EDT. You will discover the tools and resources necessary to recognize, manage and resolve a multitude of ethically challenging scenarios.


If you’re a Frappucino fan, this one’s for you. From May 1- May 10, Starbucks Frappucinos are 50 percent off at participating locations. Just stop by between the hours of 3 PM to 5 PM.

Thanks for all the hard work, tireless hours and extra effort you put into your calling.

Even when it seems like nobody's watching, we see you and we appreciate all that you do!

Try CEUfast today!