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Nurses Week Winning Memes in Our Caption This Contest!? 

We want to thank all of the nurses who entered our Nurses Week “Caption This” contest in May. 
We had quite a few funny, creative entries, but the following quotes were the creme of the crop, so we had to turn them into these awesome memes! 


Congrats to the following people:

Winner 1: Debbie Kenser, RN from Peoria Illinois


Winner 2: Carol Rodgers, NP


Winner 3: Carmela Rodriguez, RN from Puerto Rico


Winner 4: Melanie E. Pope, LPN of Tennessee

Winner 5: Chris Kramer Boatner, Grovetown, GA


Winner 6: Carmela Rodriguez, RN from Puerto Rico (Two-time winner) 


Winner 7: Tifani Mia, RN

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