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 10 Study Tips to Simplify Nursing School

When becoming a nursing student, you will be faced with learning a massive amount of crucial information within a couple of years. Glancing at the course outline isn't going to give you the tools necessary to be the best nurse possible and will not be enough to help you pass your exams; however, there are some study tips that can aid you.

A fantastic start to simplifying nursing school is to make sure you absorb as much of the important material as you can while you are in class. Make sure your professor / instructor knows who you are from day one. His or her exam and teaching methods should also be paid close attention to. Sitting in the front row will help you stay awake, even through the most boring of lectures. Taking detailed notes can also help you get through your classes. When it comes time to study for exams, try using index cards with tests, treatment, signs and symptoms, along with other details. You can use highlighters when color-coding notes.

Stick to a plan. Track every exam, deadline, project and any other activity that relates to nursing school and put it in a pocketbook calendar or personal planner.

Create flashcards. This is a quick and effective way to study.
Take plenty of notes. Organizing notes with bullet points, sub-headers and headers can make nursing school life a lot easier.

Studying can make a world of difference in grades and information retention. Use study time to absorb material and simplify what you already know. Read over assignments; look through medical journals and scholarly nursing articles. This will keep you in tune with class conversations and on task in the class. Studying review material towards the NCLEX, otherwise known as the National Council Licensure Examination, will ensure that you're prepared for the exam. Even if you have chosen to study by yourself, this doesn't necessarily mean that studying has to be boring. Changing the environment can help out immensely.

Have a digital voice recorder handy in class. Most instructors will share material that is going to be on an exam a day or two before the test. However, make sure that it is okay for you to use this kind of device.
Comparing notes can be a great way to get through nursing school. Everyone can't be the perfect note taker, so check with classmates and share notes to see if there is anything you missed.
Use your textbook to your advantage. Outlining chapters, writing down questions and referring to several other resources for help can be a lifesaver.

Forming reliable study groups can be a great aid when learning a significant amount of information. Assigning different portions of a chapter to different study group members and then creating quizzes to help each other study can be a fun way to learn and prepare. Using modern technology to your advantage is also a smart move. Make sure your instructor and your classmates have your email address so that communication will be a breeze. Make sure you surround yourself with classmates that are optimistic and well-organized.

Attending class is extremely important. Sometimes the most important material comes from a question asked by a classmate or something that isn't found in the textbook.
Always ask questions and get clarification on anything you don't understand.
Communicate with your professor, whether it is through email, phone or after class.
Never try to cram huge study sections into one day. Break it up into smaller sections over several days.

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