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8 Things Only Nurses Understand

As a nurse, you’ve clocked thousands of hours in your hospital, doctor’s office or clinic. You’ve built unbreakable bonds with your team and gone through similar victories and frustrations. So it’s not surprising that you develop your own subcultures.
  1. The smile that you get when your patients are asleep, so you have some time to enjoy the little taking a pee break.
    That feeling
  2. When you’re working third shift, and you’re not sure if an order to get something done today, literally means today or tomorrow.
    Until I wake up
  3. When you’re sleep schedule resembles that of a vampire and everything, from sunlight to people with regular working shifts, disrupts your zzz’s.
    What it feels like
  4. The people in your life may not understand why you love Vicks Vapor Rub, but if they only knew how great it was at keeping funky smells at bay and controlling your gag reflex when dealing with rotten, funky odors in any clinical, they’d totally get it.
    Vapor Rub
  5. How unreasonably angry you become at the thought of someone pushing a button.
    When the patient pushes
  6. The things that crack you up don’t quite do it for your non-nurse friends.
  7. Your irritation with patients who come in after self diagnosing themselves on the internet.
    I know you have
  8. People don’t get how protective you are over your pens, but they don’t understand how quickly they can take on legs in a hospital and disappear into thin air.
    Borrow a pen

Did we miss something? We’re sure we did, as the list of things only nurses understand is endless.

Share some things that should be added to the list in the comments below!

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