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CEUfast Blog: Nursing History

America's First Trained Nurse Linda Richards

Linda Richards pioneered the way for individuals interested in the field of nursing. Despite being christened Malinda Ann Judson Sinclair Richards after a missionary, she found her niche with taking c . . .

Four Amazing Women who Changed the History of Nursing in America

March isn’t just the month that kicks off spring, it’s National Women’s History Month! In honor of a month that celebrates women’s contributions to the United States, we’ve decided to shine a light on . . .

Ten of the Most Influential Nurses in History

Being a nurse myself, you might think I'm a little biased in writing this blog post, but there are amazing nurses who have deeply affected the world in which we live.

Abandoned Hospitals: Uncovering the Forgotten Past

Most abandoned hospitals we see today were mental or psychiatric institutions that were built in mass-production beginning the 1800s, with the intentions of becoming the beacon of a more humane approa . . .

A History of Feminism and Midwifery

The word midwife comes from Old English, with the prefix 'mid' meaning with and 'wif' or 'wife' meaning woman.