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7 Ridiculously Easy Halloween Costume Ideas for Busy Nurses 



So you still don’t have any costume ideas for Halloween? No worries!  You’re a nurse, you’re busy saving lives, and you shouldn’t have to rack your brain trying to figure out a costume, so we’ve thrown together a few last minute ideas for you instead.

Health/Medical Related Costumes

Zombie Nurse

If you want to be able to go straight from work into your Halloween celebration, the easiest thing you can do for yourself is become a “Nurse Zombie”. It’s easy and with pop culture hits like AMC’s The Walking Dead, the zombie thing is trendy too. 

All you’d really have to do is smear red and black paint, powder or polish on your scrubs and use a bit of makeup to make your face a bit more, deadly.

You can accomplish a simple zombie look by sporting messy hair (which is easy enough to do) and for the zombie face you will need black eyeshadow, eyeliner, face lotion, baby powder/cornstarch (to make your face white) and fake blood (red make up or corn syrup with red food coloring.

Here’s a great simple tutorial that works for guys and gals:

For those of you who are a bit more ambitious with makeup and want to combine the zombie look with glamour, here’s a fabulous YouTube tutorial here:

You can also walk around with a number of different props, like an X-ray or a “doctor’s stethoscope”. Just kidding, we couldn’t resist the stethoscope comment.


Lab Rat

Lab Rat CostumeThank you Jinna Berry for sharing this photo

Another easy idea that will let you head straight from work to the party is a lab rat, which is a clever costume that is a play on words. Keep on your scrubs or lab coat and buy a rat mask or mouse ears and something that will work as a tail. Just add some whispers on your face and you’re good to go.


Be a BLS Card

Print out a big version of a large American Heart Association BLS card, paste it to a card board and fix it to a string or rope, then hang it from your body.


Other Easy Peasy Ideas


Portriat or Self Portriat

If you’re looking for a very simple idea that takes very little effort, it can’t get much easier than the self portrait. Simply go home, remove the photo from one of your bigger picture frames and walk around framing your face with it to make yourself a self portrait. Another option is taking a portrait, cut out the face and insert your head, much like the lovely revamped mona lisa portrait seem above.  

How easy is that?


Become a Bulletin Board

The next one is practically free, provided that you’re willing to jack some Post It notes from your job or home office. All you need to do is dress in  a simple color, perhaps brown or tan to resemble a cork board, and stick Post-It Notes all over. You can make the messages about work, to do lists that need to be completed or something silly, for example Halloween jokes or sayings like “BOO!”

Stick Figure Fun

Stick Figure CostumeThank you Michele Terpstra for sharing this photo

Become a walking talking stick figure! All you need is a body suit and some black tape. Add a straight line of black tape down your arms, down your chest and stomach and down your legs. You can leave your face as is, or get a piece of paper, paint it the color of your body suit, then draw and happy face on it, cut out holes for your eyes and attach it to your head.


Runaway Bride!

If you’ve got a wedding dress you thought you’d never wear again, here’s your chance. Throw it on along with a pair of sneakers and if you’re open to extra dramatic flair, add a sweatband and a place a numbered marathon bib on your chest. If you don’t have a real wedding dress, a nice weight dress with a veil will probably work too!

Hopefully we’ve given you some fun, easy ideas. Have any that you’d like to share??

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