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What Nurses Love about Being Nurses 

IMAGE: Wikimedia

Nurses often experience more blood, stress and trauma in a week then most people can say they’ve experienced in a lifetime. They’re constantly on their feet, putting out fires, and dealing with difficult personalities, including everyone from the patients to the very doctors they work for on the job. 

With realities that harsh, sometimes it’s easy to forget why nurses become nurses in the first place, but the truth is there are many more reasons why nurses love doing what they do.  

Here’s a short list with a few of the many reasons nurses enjoy their jobs.

  1. Knowing what to do to bring comfort or a smile to patients, depending on their needs. For new mothers, it may be as simple as a quick lesson in holding her baby properly.
  2. The ability to help saves someone’s life by asking the right questions to help uncover details that lead to an accurate diagnosis.
  3. Opportunity to Travel- If you ever get tired of your city or need a change of pace, nurses are in demand everywhere. As long as the continuing education requirements are met for whatever state you wish to practice in, you can pick up and go to just about any state, transferring your skills and passion to a variety of medical facilities. You can also work for a travel nurse agency taking temporary assignments across the country as well.
  4. Very Active Gig- The great thing about being a nurse is you never have to worry about wasting away at a boring desk job. You are constantly up, on the go, thinking on your feet and burning calories to boot. While running up and down a hospital might not be considered the most enjoyable workout, it’s a work out nonetheless, and can absolutely contribute to toward your health goals.
  5. Flexible schedules! While many nurses tend to get undesirable schedules when they first begin their careers, in many cases, they can eventually craft their hours around their lives. Some nurses opt for 12 hour days and night shifts while others take opportunities do have traditional 9 to 5 hours at clinics and doctor’s offices.
  6. Pay! This one’s pretty straight forward. The median pay for registered nurses in 2012 was about $65,000-- pretty decent money to help people heal.
  7. Career Mobility - There can be plenty of opportunities for upward mobility or different kinds of nursing careers, including traveling nurses, private nursing, etc.)

Now it’s your turn. Tell us what’s the best thing about being a nurse?


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