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Great Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts for Nurses!

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If anyone deserves some love on Valentine’s Day, it’s nurses.

You recognize that nurses deserve something special on this holiday of love, and while personalized items like mugs with “RN Jane Doe” is a great idea, times running out, and you need something quick. 

It’s easy to get gifts that seem like a good idea, but just fall flat--like a gym membership, for instance.  

Whether you meant it as an investment in your loved one’s health or a way to de-stress, it’ll probably just seem like you’re calling us fat.

So instead of you offending the people who spend their days giving care and love to others, take a look at some of the awesome options we’ve put together; the nurse in your life will surely to appreciate it.  

  1. High quality, comfortable shoes

Nurses are constantly on their feet, and many of them do 12 hour days, so its quite easy to burn through the shoe soles. There are a number of shoe lines that offer shoes with support, high arches and style, from Dansko clogs to Sketchers “No Slip” sneakers. The Nerdy Nurse has a great list of top notch shoes a nurse is sure to love.

  1. Pampering

    Pampering is yet another perfect option for nurses who are constantly standing, running around to tend to patients and putting out fires at their hospitals every day. Pampering comes in many forms, be it a spa day, massages, or manicures, it really depends on the nurse.  You can get great deals from or, but don’t forget neat tools like You can also look for smaller massage parlors with tools like Many of them offer introductory, first timer rates.


  1. Cute Sweaters/Jackets

    Anyone who has stepped foot in a hospital knows those buildings can be ice boxes. If your nurse friend has a jacket that’s a little worn or pretty plain, why not pick up a nice looking sweater jacket that really compliments the person’s style. It’s something they can wear every day and think of you.


  1. Event Tickets!

    Many nurses are so pooped by the end of the day they barely have enough strength to cook a meal, never mind plan something for fun. So if your nurse loves sports, music or plays, grab them a pair of tickets to something they’ll enjoy. They won’t soon forget you giving them the gift of a wonderful experience like a basketball game or a Madonna concert. You can start by perusing around


Hopefully these brief list gives you some great inspiration as to how you can show some love to the nurse you love. If you can’t quite manage to get a hold of this kind of gift, good old fashion chocolate candy is typically a winner. Just make sure you get the best quality you can afford.

Now grab that gift, get a card and be prepared to blow that nurse away. 

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