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5 Best Gifts for Nurses





Ah, the holiday season. The Christmas trees are up, hot cocoa is out and the hectic shopping begins. Of course we all want to give original gifts to our friends and family, but what can we give to the special nurse in our life?

Most people appreciate when you pick out something personal for them. Since nurses are so passionate about their job, a gift that shows off their profession is sure to make them smile.

You can’t go wrong with any of these gifts for nurses this holiday season.

Jared White Gold Heartbeat Necklace

Heartbeat Necklace with Diamonds

Diamonds really are a girl’s best friend. The diamond-lined heart on this white gold heartbeat necklace is simple enough to go with any outfit, yet elegant and unique.

If you’re stuck on what to give a significant other or close friend, search no further — this is the gift you want to put under the tree.

Buy one for $199.99 at Jared.

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Straight Outta Nightshift Shirt

Funny Nurse Shirts


If dark under eye circles and dragging feet were not enough to warn people of an exhausted nurse in the morning, then this shirt has it covered. The sun may just be coming up, but nightshift nurses want to get right to bed after working the graveyard shift.

The “Straight Outta Nightshift” shirt will easily become a nightshift nurse’s new favorite shirt.

Buy one for $12.99 on Etsy.

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Personalized Prescription Coffee Mug

Prescription coffee mug


We all know that nurse on shift that loses count of how many cups of coffee they’ve had for the day. They may have even considered just hooking themselves up to an IV to pump in the caffeine faster.

If this all sounds familiar, you need to gift this personalized prescription coffee mug.

Buy one for $13.99 on Amazon.

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Monogrammed Button for Stethoscope

Pink Monogrammed button for stethoscope


A nurse doesn't’t have to give up her style just because she is in scrubs the entire work day. Some nurses prefer to be fashionistas around the clock.

Gift your favorite nurse a monogrammed button for their stethoscope so they can personalize their gear on the job.

Buy one for less than $10 on Etsy.







Funny Nurse Tote Bag

navy blue nurse tote bag i will stab you


Nurses usually bring a whole lot of  extra things to and from work. A reusable water bottle, snacks, lunchbox, and maybe even a sweater.

Help them prepare for long and exhausting shifts by giving them a spacious bag that will make anyone chuckle.

Shop for this funny nurse tote on Amazon.

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What did you buy for the nurse in your life? Do you have other great gift ideas for nurses?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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