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Work at Home Jobs for Nurses

Tired of working long hours at the hospital and not seeing your family? Well, I have news for you. You can have an RN career from the comfort of your own home.

You may have heard of nurses working from home and thought, “that’d be a great opportunity to spend time with my family,” or “I could use the extra cash,” but then dismissed that option.

You may have thought work at home opportunities for nurses are limited and far in-between. After all, you’ve got to work in a hospital, office, clinic or at the very least, a patient’s home to practice nursing, right? Wrong.

As nurses, you have knowledge that is very valuable and you can provide that knowledge outside of hospital walls.

If you just had a baby, need a mental break from work or are looking for a side hustle, these nursing jobs are for you.

Take a look at these work at home jobs to see just how flexible a nursing career can be.

Advice Nurses

Many nurses work as consultants from the comfort of their own homes. As a consultant, you’re a nurse who shares knowledge, giving patients and other professionals health advice over the phone. For example, medical insurance companies often hire nurses to answer people’s questions about health and medical issues, such as advice on treating their diabetes, a sick child or help on following a diet prescribed by a doctor.

One well-known company that offers remote positions for RNs is Aetna, a healthcare and life insurance company founded in 1853. Aetna has a reputation of offering many remote positions for registered nurses. If you’re currently job seeking, be sure to check their job postings regularly.

Another company that offers positions for advice nurses is CareNet Healthcare Services. The company has been dedicated to helping people navigate the healthcare system, and teaching them how to understand it, for the past three decades. CareNet is especially interested in candidates who are bilingual so they can connect with more people.

Apply for nurse consultant positions:

Nurse Recruiter

If you enjoy making new connections, building relationships, and helping other nurses discover their passion, then a job as a nurse recruiter may be for you. Recruiting is a an ideal opportunity for people who are goal driven and can make the most of commission pay. Candidates who have been working in the field for years have an advantage for openings because they will be able to directly connect with new nurses looking for jobs.

Relode, a healthcare staffing agency, often has openings for nurse recruiters. The company acts as a bridge between medical facilities and job seekers in the healthcare field. Another company you can potentially be a nurse recruiter for is Hamilton Staffing Solutions. A travel nurse launched the company in 2015 to help nurses with dreams of travel have a secure and transparent agency to find opportunities through. Hamilton Staffing prides itself on giving applicants clear information, including pay rates, about jobs abroad.

Explore nurse recruiting opportunities:

Triage/ Telehealth Nurses

Triage nurses, also referred to as telehealth nurses, also provide consultations over the phone to patients and clients. The difference between triage nurses and advice nurses is triage nurses can assist clinics and hospitals in determining the urgency of care needed for cases.

Both of these roles help to reduce unnecessary visits to healthcare centers by assisting in self care and symptom management.

Healthcare services and IT provider McKesson Health Solutions increased its at home workers from 13 to 500 agents over the past three years, and the majority of their at home workforce are registered nurses, according to reports.

McKesson requires at least an associate’s degree, three to five years of recent acute nursing experience, and strong computer and internet skills to become a telehealth nurse. According to, Intellicare nurse consultants make an average of $25 per hour, and United Healthcare also offers competitive rates.

Search for remote telehealth nurse positions:

Medical Transcription

Nurses should also consider medical transcription as a work from home option. Transcriptionists simply transcribe recordings from physicians or other health care providers for medical reports and other healthcare documents.

Many companies that provide these positions offer flexibility, allowing you to make your own hours, a perfect option for parents who wish to spend more time with their children or work in a less stressful environment.

You can take a medical transcription course at a community college or an online institute. For a list of's top 10 recommendations for medical transcription programs, click here.

Nurses can also become an independent contractors and contact local doctor’s offices or medical groups to promote their transcription service. The pay scale for medical transcriptionists varies by location, and some work by the hour, while others are paid by the number of lines transcribed.

Explore medical transcription positions:

Start a Nursing Blog

Starting a blog is becoming a popular way to be your own boss, build a business and become a digital nomad all at the same time.

ProBlogger did a survey of about 1,500 bloggers and discovered 4 percent of them were making over $10,000 in blog income. Another 9 percent were bringing in more than $1,000 per month, a great side income.

If you’re leaning toward starting a blog, consider buying a copy of The Nurse’s Guide to Blogging. It is written by Brittany Wilson, BSN, RN, the founder of the successful nursing blog The Nerdy Nurse. In the book Brittany shares her tips and tricks for building a profitable blog.

Want to get your blog started today? Check out The Nerdy Nurse blog post on how to start a nursing blog in 3 easy steps.

Clinical Case Management

Another work at home option nurses can research is clinical case management.

Some companies hire remote nurses who evaluate patients' disability claims and provide guidance in the medical process as well as the process of returning to work for injured employees. You would work with patients and their doctors and therapists to develop the patient’s care cost effective manner. You would advocate in the best interest of the patient, insurer and the employer, ultimately helping an employee get back to living a healthy, productive life after an accident.

These types of positions typically require an RN license or higher with a minimum of three years clinical experience.

It’s a plus if you have knowledge of the insurance industry, critical care, home health and rehabilitation.

You can find many remote positions for clinical case management on various job searching websites, but one specific company you can research for this kind of work is Cigna. The company gives work-at-home employees full benefits and often needs to fill openings across the country.

Explore clinical case management positions:

Medical Writer

If you have a knack for grammar, spreading knowledge and reading the latest research, then you would excel at medical writing. Medical discoveries and new medicine research is important, but it’s often a bit confusing to those who do not have a background in the specific subject area. With a strong understanding of medical concepts, medical writers can sift through all the information and present it in an easily digestible way. Since new discoveries and information are consistently being added to the healthcare industry, there’s an increasing demand for medical writers, according to an article by Dr. Suhasini Sharma.

Medical writers can work independently by finding freelance and contract work, or work full time for a company. CEUfast is looking for professionals to write continuing education (CE) courses, If interested, contact us thru our customer support link below.

Apply for medical writing jobs:

Clearly, working at home is not only a possibility for nurses, but a great option with lots of different opportunities. If you need a change of pace in your nursing career, you have the freedom to explore these different positions in the comfort of your own domain.

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